Breckwell P2000i Pellet Stove Problems - Need Help!

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Oct 24, 2023
I recently purchased a home with a Breckwell P2000i Pellet Stove Insert. The stove has had a variety of issues.

First, I had the stove and chimney professionally swept. After, when we turned it on, it would not run for more than 5 minutes. It would ignite, but then shut off and flash error code #2. I completed a thorough cleaning of the ash traps, and cleaned the dust out of both blowers .

Then, the stove successfully ran for approximately 30 minutes when it stopped dispensing pellets and burned out. I re-started the stove (hot start) and it dispensed pellets and re-ignited. It then ran for approximately 15 minutes before turning off. At that point, the control panel was totally blank but the blowers continued to run.

After the fan cooled down, I unplugged it. Now, when I plug it in, the control board does not light up at all.

I've tested the following items:
- Fuse is intact (tested via ohm meter)
- Control board is getting 120v

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Located in Connecticut.
purchase the stove used? Sounds like the control board was faulty especially now that it will not turn on.
purchase the stove used? Sounds like the control board was faulty especially now that it will not turn on.
Hi zrock, thanks for your reply. I purchased the house and it had this pellet stove. Paperwork says it was installed with no further maintenance records.

I do think the control board has failed. However, my concern is that some other part has also failed (which was causing the earlier issues), subsequently frying the board. Is that possible?

well a faulty motor will take out the board as i found out last year. Had a motor seize up and took out the board but not fully it would still work but caused the fan's to surge until the stove reached temp.
Other than what may be a bad board it sounds like you may have a faulty snap disk as well and the stove was not seeing it was reaching temp and shutting itself down..
Closing the loop here. I bench tested the individual components and found them to all be working. I replaced the Control Board and all seems to be working now. Fingers crossed that it stays reliable for the winter!
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