Breckwell P4000 thermostat

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I am new to the forum. I know that similar questions have been asked but I was hoping someone has specific thermostat experience for the stove that I have. I recently installed a Breckwell P4000. I would like to connect a thermostat for the stove. I purchased the Honeywell 2300A programmable thermostat because the description said it was compatible with millivolt systems. I went to and started an online chat with a support person to ask if this type of thermostat would work. They said that it would not and only a manual thermostat with the control lever on top will work. They were pretty clear that any DIGITAL thermostat will NOT work. I guess I could just try it but I did not want to do any damage to the control panel or stove itself. I have read many other posts from folks with different stoves saying that they use programmable thermostats. I can just get the cheap manual thermostat but I wanted to be sure that this was my only option.

Can someone help with this please?

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