thermostat question

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  1. W

    Furnace fan + woodstove. What am I overlooking?

    Last winter I self-installed an Ambiance Hipster 20/Hearthstone GM60 wood stove, and it’s been a dream. No draft issues. No complaints. Other than when we’ve been away, we haven’t had to use our oil furnace at all, which is ideal given the trends for heating oil prices. The one drawback of...
  2. J

    Boiler and an old oil furnace with nest

    Hey guys, I'm a new OWB owner, excited to start my journey! I just got the boiler filled, Wood master 4400, water is circulating and fire is burning. While I'm waiting for the water to heat I'm working on my thermostat situation and I'm at a loss. I have an old Thermo Pride two-wire oil...
  3. C

    Thermostat settings for Quadrafire CB1200i and Honeywell Focus Pro 5000

    Have a CB1200i wired to a Honeywell FocusPro 5000. The thermostat is actually branded with the Quadrafire logo and everything. Once it’s wired up, the thermostat has to be programmed for fuel source, blower etc. Problem is, none of the combinations I’ve tried seem to work. Have called...
  4. D

    New Pellet Stove Insert Purchase Help

    I'm replacing my first pellet stove insert and been reading a ton on here and all over the web SO many questions and some conflictions of details but I'll start with my current needs haha. I'm replacing an old Earth Stove HP40, we use it to heat the main level of our house, it's a 2 story, to...
  5. lp9900

    Seeking Blaze King Thermostat Coil Information

    Hello, I have an older Blaze King wood stove insert (non-cat) = approximately 1982. I believe it may be the KFF-402. The thermostat coil had an L leg shape that slipped into the end of the second rod that controls the air damper. Somewhere along the line, the L part broke off so the coil is no...
  6. J

    Englander smartstove with Nest thermostat

    Has anyone been able to connect a nest thermostat to their Englander Smartstove board? I would like to start my stove before I get to the cabin so we essentially walk into a warm cabin. I called Englander but of course they said it’s not possible to do. I see where you can take the jumper...
  7. M

    Enviro M55 skytek install help

    Hi, Just got a new pellet stove, It's an Enviro M55 FRee Standing. I can't find videos anywhere online and the install directions in the manual for a thermostat just aren't clear to me at appears as though my stove actually has a place to plug the wires into the back, but I can't seem...
  8. Cheeks

    Skytech 3301p programming question

    Hi, I have the Skytech 3301p thermostat for my Hampton GCI60 pellet insert. I've used the thermostat mostly in Thermo mode once i've manually turned the pellet stove on. My pellet stove has options for manual, auto/off, and hi/low - which i use. What I would like to do is program it to start...
  9. M

    Breckwell P4000 thermostat

    Hi I am new to the forum. I know that similar questions have been asked but I was hoping someone has specific thermostat experience for the stove that I have. I recently installed a Breckwell P4000. I would like to connect a thermostat for the stove. I purchased the Honeywell 2300A...
  10. C

    BIG E Thermostat Question

    Hello All ... I have always used a Honeywell millivolt thermostat to operate the stove ... Now the problem/questions ... Last week in on/off mode the stove would not come on when setting the thermostat ... I guess the thermostat can go bad or what else ? In High/Low mode I hit the on button...