Breckwell P4000 blower issue

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Oct 18, 2017
Western MA
Greetings one and all.

About 9 years ago we purchased a new Breckwell P4000 'Classic Vermont' pellet stove and, overall, it has worked fine. I do have to remove the two blowers each winter to not only clean out the dust and/or ash from each of them but also lubricate the bearings which started to squeal about 5 years back.

One thing that happened out of the norm a couple years after we got it though is that the main blower, the one that pushes the warm air into the room, kicks in too soon.

Normally, after you start the stove, it waits until there is a flame and has heated up the chamber before that blower kicks in. Now though, a minute or two after we start it, and before there is even a flame in the pot, the blower starts up and just throws cold air into the room.

This of course isn't causing us any great hardship but I would like to know what could be causing it, especially if it is a faulty sensor or such that could fail and cause the stove not to work in the dead of winter.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions.

The sensor that turns on the warm air room blower. (Convection Blower) on and off is the mini ceramic snap disc located under the exhaust blower on the exhaust housing. It is the small round white disc with 2 wires clipped on it. This snap disc fails often. See pics 1-2.
Personally I prefer to upgrade it to the regular size snap disc but that Is a big job. See last pic
To fix the squeal you must replace the blower since they are sealed.
Hope this helps. Good luck.


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The sensor that turns on the warm air room blower. (Convection Blower) on and off is the mini ceramic snap disc located under the exhaust blower.....Good luck.

Thank you for your reply and my apologies for not responding sooner.

If I understand correctly, your impression is that the proof of fire/flame sensor may be the culprit here?

One thing I have been doing since my post is monitoring further the fan behavior and I find something interesting.

The stove has a high and low setting for the fan and remembers which it was set at when you shut it off. I discovered that this quirk, the convection fan kicking in before there is even a flame in the pot, only happens when the fan is/was in the high setting. If I turn down the fan speed before I shut off the stove then, when I restart it later, the convection blower comes on when it is supposed to - when there is a hearty flame burning away in the pot.

I will still look for another sensor, but I again wonder if there is also another issue.

Thanks again.