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  1. R

    Pacific Energy Super LE insert - Dead blower

    I have an almost 2 year old Pacific Energy Super LE insert. Last night I noticed the right blower was not working. I called the installer and they said it is still under warranty and they will file the claim and come out and fix it. I am wondering if anyone else has had a blower fail. I...
  2. D

    Smelling smoke from my blower fan?

    We're getting some smoke in the house (not a lot, but detectable when you step into the house from outdoors) and having difficulty diagnosing the issue. When I put my face in front of the blower fan attached to the back of our BK Princess, the air coming out smells a little smoky, but how can...
  3. J

    Wood Furnace inline duct

    Hello, I’m hoping to find an inline duct fan for my wood stove that doesn’t require electricity. I know they make thermo fans that you put on top of your wood stove to circulate the heat that does not require electricity. Has anyone used that technology to make an inline duct fan that’s...
  4. A

    Napoleon 1402 insert - how to get to the blowers?

    1st time posting. I have a Napoleon 1402 wood burning insert. I need to clean the blowers and replace the adjustable heat control knob. I can see a couple of screw heads through the vents on the side, but can’t get to them. Is this where I need to get to? How many screws are there? Anyone...
  5. Jotel me this

    Xtrordinair 44 Elite - Disconnect blower?

    Can the blower on the Xtrordinair 44 Elite Wood Fireplace be disconnected? It heats the room even on low too hot and doesnt have an off switch. Is the blower needed for any safety reasons? Keeping something cool, etc? Id love to just disconnect it and let the heat naturally flow into the room...
  6. B

    Whitfield Advantage iii fans bog down

    I have 1991 Advantage iii that always ran well. Replaced the combustion fan a few years back and new room blower replacement. Both have been cleaned and oiled. When turning on the stove without the auger on and increasing the room blower it bogs down and almost stops. Cycles like this until...
  7. B

    Blower Fan Cuts Off

    Hi, I have a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove. The blower fan has a problem in that it cuts off when I increase the speed. If I start on the lowest speed setting for the blower, I can gradually increase the speed using the dial, and the I can hear that the fan speed increases. When I get...
  8. Jonkman

    Genuine OEM or Fasco convection blower for Quadra-Fire Castile?

    Hi All, So my original blower was getting a little noisy, so I ordered a Fasco 812-4900 replacement for $129. It was quiet, for about 3 weeks, now it's getting an annoying noise just starting...fortunately the company has a no hassle return policy. Should I get another Fasco in exchange or...
  9. K

    Refurbishing this wood stove

    First off I have no idea what brand/ model this wood stove is, I would like help with that. May help me to figure out what kind of blower I would need and what the other hole is in the rear of the stove. I also was curious if it’s good to just go back to original paint or the shiny new metal...
  10. ironmanco

    FPX 44 Blower sound and location

    We made a pretty big mistake when installing our FPX44 and located the blower in the room that the fireplace is. We knew we had to have it draw air from the inside of the house since we live in a cold environment (Colorado). We're considering doing some "re-construction" and moving the blower...
  11. S

    New rear flue stove for cabin

    Hello, I am looking to replace an old, rusted out, rear-flue wood burning stove. The stove sits on a brick hearth. The rear vent pipe is 6” in diameter with the bottom edge of the pipe 21” above the base of the stove. The pipe runs out of the back of the stove, passes through a collar in the...
  12. J

    Has anyone installed a blower fan for a Martin SA36 fireplace?

    Has anyone installed a blower fan for a Martin SA36 fireplace or able to direct me to someone that could assist? We purchased a house several months ago with gas furnace on second floor. The air duct system is unable to heat the first floor well. A blower on the fireplace could be helpful.
  13. D

    Blower Adjustment Knob

    Good day all, I recently purchased Timber Wolf EPI 2200 wood stove insert for my fireplace. Love it. Great unit. I have a question about the blower motor. There is an adjustment knob on the side of the blower motor that is not explained in any of the literature. Is this simply an ON/OFF for...
  14. R

    Pacific Energy Vista (general questions)

    hi everyone, I have a P.E. Vista 30 and I’m having issues with my temperature controlled blower which it came with. Basically my stove can be full burn for hours and the blower would turn off. Meaning the thermostat control wasn’t recognizing the amount of heat. Does any one have experience...
  15. V

    Brand New PelPro PP130 Issues

    hi i am new to this forum and i feel like i shouldnt be here this soon. ive been having pellet stove issues for months now so i broke down and purchased a PelPro PP130. Super excited when it came in i bought a bunch of pellets. I read the user manuel to make sure i didnt mess anything up. I did...
  16. B

    Montpelier Blower Hum

    Lots of info on VC Montpelier noise, so this may be old news/question. Finally I have the insert installed. Blower makes a very loud hum when on (coupling in through the floor, no doubt). Removed the blower, bypassed the thermal switch, plugged the unit in to an outlet and turned the blower on...
  17. D

    Blower not fully working Englander 25-PDVC/55-SHP10

    Hi, my Englander pellet stove is less than a year old and the blower barely works. The speed doesnt seem to spit heat out any faster than a level 3. If you turn it up to lets say 9 and 9, the blower still only pushes hot air out like a level 3. This is ridiculous. I also always get a failure...
  18. H

    HI300 Insert blower bearing replacement

    Hi all, I have a Hampton HI300 wood insert. Not sure how old, but less than 10 years. Was here when I bought the house. The blower is louder than it should be which is annoying at night when folks are trying to sleep (not to mention when we're right next to it watching TV). I took the blower...
  19. cbscout

    Lopi Wood Inserts and Fans

    Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on the quality of the Lopi wood insert? Considering the size of my house (1200 sq ft) I am considering the Revere. In addition, how loud are the Lopi fans? In any insert that you buy, are there ways to quiet the fans or get third party ones that are...
  20. Ryhder

    DIY Fix harman distribution blower without replacing!

    Hello , after having a distribution blower failure on my Harman XXV I decided to tear it down and attempt to repair whatever may broken inside, I searched for any info on repair / rebuilding the electric motor but found only suggestions to replace it. In the spirit of saving $200 and possibly...
  21. C

    Quadra-fire contour no blower operation

    I recently installed a new snap disc (#1) and convection blower as it was noisy and the snap disc terminal was faulty. After installation of the new blower and snap disc the blower worked for about 1 week before it quit. The stove lights, feeds and runs until the thermal snap disc sets, the...
  22. C

    One heat exchange flue not blowing

    I'm unsure where to start, but this is my first post on the forum because I am simply dumbfounded and have no where else to look. I have a quadra-fire contour that I have been running for 12 years with no troubles. I meticulously clean it weekly and maintain anything that goes wrong as soon as...
  23. n_moscoso

    Would it be worth to install a blower?

    Hello, I have and old (around 1988) Scan insert that seems to be designed to have a blower and there is an electric cord in there. However the blower is missing or possibly was never installed. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a blower installed? Would this really help with heating...
  24. M

    Searching for blower for Vermont Casting 0044

    We have a wood burning insert and the right blower just went. Part 1604114. I know these are discontinued. Looking to see if anyone has parts, substitute it any other info on this. I'd like to get it back up and running if possible...
  25. Kobo

    Breckwell P4000 blower issue

    Greetings one and all. About 9 years ago we purchased a new Breckwell P4000 'Classic Vermont' pellet stove and, overall, it has worked fine. I do have to remove the two blowers each winter to not only clean out the dust and/or ash from each of them but also lubricate the bearings which started...
  26. F

    Slow starting exhaust blower - Avalon Astoria Bay PI

    Hi everyone, what do you think of this? About halfway through the heating season this year, once every few weeks my stove would fail to start. It would drop pellets normally, but after a couple of minutes the "maintenance" light would begin blinking and the auger would stop. I'd turn it off...
  27. C

    PSG Caddy wood/electricity furnace blower issues

    Good morning! I had a PSG caddy wood/electricity furnace installed 1 month ago and I'm really satisfied with it so far. Since yesterday I have a problem with the blower. When the blower is at speed 6, it doesn't work correctly and make a big roaring sound. Its look like that it doesn't push...
  28. B

    Gas Insert Repeated Blower Problem

    Greetings! We purchased a new Xtrordinair gas fireplace insert (don't have exact mod # but it is very similar to this model from "Company A" in April 2001. We run the unit off and on for approximately 6 months of the...
  29. Otis B Driftwood

    Non-Travis OEM Fan Blower Reostat/Variable Speed Switch

    Hello again, hope all are warm. I've tried searching this redundant subject for a specific clue: HOW to get a switch for a fan blower for a Travis® insert that won't die every year! It's no big deal to replace 'em, but it's REAL annoying. Anybody out there monkey with a variable speed...
  30. W

    Whitfield when auger is on blower goes off

    We have an old Whitfield advantage ii-t pellet stove. We notice about half of the time when the auger turns on, the blower turns off. As soon as the auger turns off, the blower usually turns on. Any suggestions?