Genuine OEM or Fasco convection blower for Quadra-Fire Castile?

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Burning Hunk
Nov 11, 2015
West Michigan
Hi All,

So my original blower was getting a little noisy, so I ordered a Fasco 812-4900 replacement for $129. It was quiet, for about 3 weeks, now it's getting an annoying noise just starting...fortunately the company has a no hassle return policy. Should I get another Fasco in exchange or shell out $200-$250 for a genuine Quadrafire blower? I think I found a few, but they are hard to find. I feel 90% of the ones you find on Amazon and other sites say they are genuine, but you can tell by the photos and reviews by buyers that they are knock offs.

Any help would be appreciated....thanks!

Connecticut Yankee

Burning Hunk
Nov 20, 2018
It depends on how good you think Fasco is. A single bad unit can escape even good quality control. Given that the fans you are finding on-line almost all appear to be knock-offs, you might want to risk getting another Fasco. Balancing a fan to make it really quiet is something of an art.


Minister of Fire
The OEM is also a Fasco product.

Former Farmer

Minister of Fire
Apr 12, 2008
NE Wisconsin
It is possible that both the OEM and aftermarket are made by the same company. They are probably made to different specs though. Different quality of shaft bearings, different quality of motor and motor bearings, etc. Same item can be built to last for 1 year or many years depending upon the quality of parts used.


Minister of Fire
Only a couple builders that produce fans, Fasco and one other. Most use skate bearings today but the older ones use oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearings.. Both are fine if you keep them oiled. The skate bearings though 'shielded' can still be oiled. The 'shield' can be removed with a sharp knife, oiled and then replaced. Been doing that for years.