Quadra-fire Castile squealing fan - Combustion or Convection fan?

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Burning Hunk
Nov 11, 2015
West Michigan
HI All,

I have a 2015 Quadrafire Castile insert, this is our second winter. It has been working great so far, only (minor) issue is that when it goes through it's shutdown phase, it sometimes makes a squealing noise. Obviously it is one of the fans, I am just not certain how to tell which one it is. I am leaning towards the combustion fan, because I think that fan may change RPMs slightly during the shutdown phase, versus the convection fan which only has 3 manual speeds which I change via a manual switch on the front.

Is my thinking correct, any ideas? It is under warranty yet for the fans until May I believe, and I'm thinking I may get it replaced under warranty if I can, but I'm sure it won't make the noise the time they come out...;).



Minister of Fire
Sep 14, 2014
Next time you hear the noise, record it on your phone, so you got proof. And, next time you hear the noise, unplug one wire from convection fan, to shut it off, thus telling you which fan it is. kap
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