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  1. A

    Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Won't Turn Off

    My house has a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert that we've been using for about three years now. We've had a couple of problems with it and I've been able to solve them like replacing the relay on the control board after the igniter stayed on continuously. But I've got a new problem that I...
  2. OR_High_Desert

    Issue With QF Castile-B (possible purchase)

    Greetings out there in HearthLand. Have been an obsessive lurker and reader for many years, and now am in a position to purchase a stove. Bought a fair amount of land in central Oregon. Home is 1344sq/ft manufactured that has a really expensive Trane furnace/Heat Pump. But no matter how...
  3. Jonkman

    Any tips on installing the tadpole door gasket on a Quadrafire Castile?

    Hi all. Just looking for some tips on how to install the gasket so the top corners don’t bunch up and get too thick, then the seal isn’t good. When it came from the factory it had perfect corners, and I cant get it right. Also curious what tape to use on the cut ends? They use tape in this...
  4. X

    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    This posting is a follow-up to my posting entitled " QF Castile: Auger Keeps Turning After Call Light is Out." See I installed the new control box after installing the thermo-couple grounding...
  5. X

    QF Castile: No Vacuum - Going Crazy Trying to Figure It Out

    Hi there, my name is Pete. I am a brand new member (although I have been lurking for quite some time). I have been trying to analyze my vacuum problem (namely, I am registering no vacuum at the nipple adjacent to the auger chamber). Background: I purchased my QF Castile insert second hand...
  6. Jonkman

    Quadra-Fire Castile height adjustment - flame still to high at lowest setting.

    Hello everyone. Just a question, I have a Castile insert, and it must be the pellets this year but the flame gets pretty tall and I want to turn it down...but I've reached the extent of turning it down with the adjustment rod. Has anybody ran into this before? Only thing I can think of is to...
  7. Jonkman

    Quadra-fire Castile squealing fan - Combustion or Convection fan?

    HI All, I have a 2015 Quadrafire Castile insert, this is our second winter. It has been working great so far, only (minor) issue is that when it goes through it's shutdown phase, it sometimes makes a squealing noise. Obviously it is one of the fans, I am just not certain how to tell which one...
  8. Jonkman

    Best way to clean vent pipe on my setup? Proper off season procedure?

    Hi So I am done with my first season, am I am not sure the best (and easiest) way to clean my vent pipe (see attached photo). I have a Quadrafire Castile Insert that is vented up through our roof. Should I go on the roof and run a brush down? (what kind, I was think of one of the spinning ones...
  9. Fatt68Hogg

    Hello,new stove new member,go figure?!?!?Two week old Castile insert works great 1/2 the time ...

    Hello,new stove new member,go figure?!?!?Two week old Castile insert works great 1/2 the time,call lights on but no action until I move thermostat or hit reset?!?! What gives?
  10. ylomnstr

    Quadrafire Castile Efficiency

    Hi guys. I recently bought a used quadrafire castile insert from a friend. It's only about 4 years old. While it burns well, it doesn't seem to blow nearly as hot as my St. Croix Hastings which I have upstairs. It's in a small finished basement which is about 400 sq feet, so I would think...
  11. Jonkman

    Sound Wars! How loud is a Quadra-Fire Castile VS a Mt. Vernon vs an Accentra?

    I have a Quadra-fire Castile insert, and I have a friend who is interested in getting a pellet stove as well. I run my Castile on high most of the time to keep up ( I probably bought to small, but that's another matter). I always hear that the MVAE and E2 are so quiet. I have never seen one in...
  12. Jonkman

    Dumb question...ash pan gasket on a Castile insert ?

    Hi I was watching another thread ($10 OAK install) and the poster (Dwig) had taped his ash pan shut on his castile to stop air flow so the OAK is more efficient. I just installed an OAK for my castile insert and then saw his post...