convection blower problem

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  1. B

    Convection blower slow to come on and off - Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 FS

    My stove (year 2000) calls for heat, ignites, drops pellets, and then lags to turn convection blower on (15+ minutes). Once it reaches temp, the convection blower lags to shut off... 30+ minutes after exhaust blower does. It's super noisy on startup too- grinding metallic noise, but that fades...
  2. J

    Convection Fan Only Runs on HIGH

    I have a Breckwell SP22. Recently, it began running the room blower fan on HIGH, immediately at start-up, and no matter what heat level is set. I took everything apart and cleaned both fans inside and out. I have been reading about testing the high limit sensor and low limit sensor, the blower...
  3. M

    Mount Vernon 4 speed convection blower

    Last year convection blower/room blower on my mount Vernon 4 speed started squeaking. Put some grease on it and it’s been fine and still is as far as noise but now I have another issue. Recently the convection blower will turn on and off multiple times on startup and sometimes it will just turn...
  4. C

    Cab 50 convection air fan issues

    New here hoping for help. My cab 50 is a little over a year old and the convection air fan stopped working. So of course it is past the one year warranty. So here is my troubleshooting sequence... Snapdisk 1 changes state from open to about 1.5ohm at around 110F like it should. But I'm only...
  5. O

    Big E Convection Blower runs too fast

    I have a Big E pellet stove. Replaced a convection blower for the second time. First one was tree years ago. Once installed the new blower, stove runs fine but blower is running at high speed all the time. The stove was working fine before installing new blower. Any thoughts?
  6. Jonkman

    Quadra-fire Castile squealing fan - Combustion or Convection fan?

    HI All, I have a 2015 Quadrafire Castile insert, this is our second winter. It has been working great so far, only (minor) issue is that when it goes through it's shutdown phase, it sometimes makes a squealing noise. Obviously it is one of the fans, I am just not certain how to tell which one...
  7. K

    convection blower problems?

    HI. My pellet stove seems to do everything right until it's time to blow hot air into the room. I have a quadrafire 1200 classic bay insert. The fire starts pellets feed but the blower never starts. I bypassed the snap disk 1 and that didn't help. I bought a new convection blower and that...