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  1. R

    Classic Bay 1200 Freestanding - Smoke in Room

    All, I've sent a message to Quadrafire on their Facebook site, but haven't received a reply yet. I could go into a long-winded question, but I guess I'll boil it down to this. I've had two cases where I was outside, and my smoke alarms went off in the house. I quickly found out that the room...
  2. R

    Quadrafire Mt. VERNON AE stuck start-up

    Our 2007 Mt. Vernon AE insert is stuck in start-up mode. It is not feeding pellets. We had a sound coming from the exhaust blower, so we cleaned it (it wasn't bad) and it would then sporadically feed pellets, blower was continuously spinning. Then it quit feeding all together., blower runs...
  3. WarrenZ.

    New Quad Trekker - Standard Wired Thermostat After S/N HF3156001

    According to the latest user's manual dated 04/21 the QuadraFire Trekker now utilizes a standard thermostat and control setup. They are also no longer are producing the wireless BT user interface. Quad Trekker Manual Dated 04/2021 Trekkers with serials numbers after HF3156001 will come with...
  4. vinnymac

    Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE failure to ignite

    Hello Hearth I've recently come into possession of a Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE Pellet Stove that was purchased in 2007. The pellet stove has been operating fairly normally for the last three weeks, with an occasional `Vaccum Sw Error`. I've cleaned the entire pellet stove top to bottom, and read...
  5. Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Stove Light Off

    Quadra-Fire Trekker Pellet Stove Light Off

    The Quadra-Fire Trekker pellet stove automatically lighting off. Stove lights 3:30 in. Stove is also knows as the Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon E2-C.
  6. Quadrafire Trekker / Mt Vernon E2-C  temperature probe placement

    Quadrafire Trekker / Mt Vernon E2-C temperature probe placement

    Quadrafire Trekker / Mt Vernon E2-C temperature probe placement
  7. chillyfingers

    2010 Quadrafire 1200i - Feed auger rate

    Hi guys, I am hoping you can help me narrow down my issue with my 2010 Quadrafire 1200i. A service technician isn't available until February where I live. I couldn't find the issue through searching, I am running out of options and looking for some new ideas. Problem: Feed auger rate doesn't...
  8. Jonkman

    Genuine OEM or Fasco convection blower for Quadra-Fire Castile?

    Hi All, So my original blower was getting a little noisy, so I ordered a Fasco 812-4900 replacement for $129. It was quiet, for about 3 weeks, now it's getting an annoying noise just starting...fortunately the company has a no hassle return policy. Should I get another Fasco in exchange or...
  9. K

    Quadra fire Mt. Vernon Missed ignition after replacing igniter and thermocouple

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can give us some advice. We have a 2007 Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE. We are getting a missed ignition error code on our thermostat. We have replaced the igniter twice with new elements, and replaced the thermocouple and cover. The stove calls for pellets when the...
  10. Jonkman

    Any tips on installing the tadpole door gasket on a Quadrafire Castile?

    Hi all. Just looking for some tips on how to install the gasket so the top corners don’t bunch up and get too thick, then the seal isn’t good. When it came from the factory it had perfect corners, and I cant get it right. Also curious what tape to use on the cut ends? They use tape in this...
  11. C

    Quadrafire 1200i does not start on its old after it’s cold

    Hello, I just bought a brand new quadrafire 1200i pellet stove and have had it for only a week. I have a huge house so I set the thermostat to 80 degrees and keep it on highfrom 4-11pm heats the house to about 74. I think have the thermostat set to 68 at night but for some reason the stove...
  12. J

    Classic Bay 1200 help - blower fan

    So I took my Classic Bay 1200 out to the garage and did a deep cleaning this fall. I also replaced the window and door gaskets. The first issue I had when I plugged everything back together was it was not dropping pellets. A close look at the thermocouple and I noticed a wire was broken. I just...
  13. Noochie74

    Pellet blower shuts down

    First time posting great site and suggestions wanted advice on my 4yr old Mount Vernon e2 pellet stove after first winter firings the convention blower stops working after 20 minutes and starts making a loud humming noise and stove over heats and goes in a shutdown any ideas on the blower issue...
  14. G

    Buying a used pellet stove?

    Hi all, My wife and I just purchased a house and it runs off of an electric furnace and we are wanting to install a freestanding pellet stove. We live in rural Colorado at about 8300 ft. and our house is around 1150 sq. ft. I may just be experiencing some sticker shock but a spa and stove...
  15. J

    Quadrafire Contour Outside Air Kit Issues

    Hello all, I am on my second season using a new to me Quadrafire Contour. Last season I did not have the OAK installed and the windows and doors were very drafty. This year I decided to install the OAK so I screwed the adapter on the back/bottom of the stove. I then installed a short section of...
  16. X

    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    This posting is a follow-up to my posting entitled " QF Castile: Auger Keeps Turning After Call Light is Out." See https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/qf-castile-auger-keeps-turning-after-call-light-is-off.168015/ I installed the new control box after installing the thermo-couple grounding...
  17. K

    Quadra fire MT Vernon AE Auger Issues

    2010 MT Vernon AE. I was getting a consistent auger jam message so I pulled the auger assembly, cleared chute, etc. The motor was working so I was baffled until after many startup attempts I noticed the auger was turning in reverse the entire time. I checked the pressure switch, good, broke...
  18. X

    QF Castile: No Vacuum - Going Crazy Trying to Figure It Out

    Hi there, my name is Pete. I am a brand new member (although I have been lurking for quite some time). I have been trying to analyze my vacuum problem (namely, I am registering no vacuum at the nipple adjacent to the auger chamber). Background: I purchased my QF Castile insert second hand...
  19. M

    Mount Vernon 4 speed convection blower

    Last year convection blower/room blower on my mount Vernon 4 speed started squeaking. Put some grease on it and it’s been fine and still is as far as noise but now I have another issue. Recently the convection blower will turn on and off multiple times on startup and sometimes it will just turn...
  20. D

    Experience with Quadrafire Fireplaces

    Hi All, I wanted to see if anyone had experience, good or bad, with Quadrafire fireplaces. We are looking at either a Pioneer II or 7100 fireplace for a new construction. (My wife is not sure if she will like the single door on the Pioneer) It will be going in medium sized room and house...
  21. Matt_F

    Broken Toes - Quadrafire Topaz

    I have a Quadrafire Topaz with the fancy cast iron doors. I have installed it exactly like the manual directs, and everything seems to be lined up, EXCEPT the piece doesn't lock in the front. So when some kid runs through the room, the front totters and then crashes to the floor. Does anyone...
  22. DoubleTFarm

    Advice for buying and using a used Quadrafire Isle Royale

    Hi all, I have learned so much already from browsing this site (thank you!) and now I'm hoping for a few more words of wisdom and advice. I am looking at purchasing a used Isle Royale. It looks to be in pretty good shape, but I'm no expert so I'm hoping to line up someone a little more...
  23. J

    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not stay lit

    Hello all, I have a Quadrafire Contour pellet stove with the old style control board. I am having an issue with it sensing fire in the fire pot from and is not feeding any more pellets from a cold start. What happens is when the thermostat calls for heat the big red light comes on and...
  24. Jonkman

    Quadra-Fire Castile height adjustment - flame still to high at lowest setting.

    Hello everyone. Just a question, I have a Castile insert, and it must be the pellets this year but the flame gets pretty tall and I want to turn it down...but I've reached the extent of turning it down with the adjustment rod. Has anybody ran into this before? Only thing I can think of is to...
  25. J

    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not feed pellets

    So I bought an older Quadrafire Contour pellet stove secondhand. I think the stove is from 2001 (at least that seems to be the date on the control board.) I had it working for a few days but now the auger does not feed pellets anymore. When I plug it in the exhaust blower comes on and when I...
  26. LAndrim

    Quadrafire Yosemite Air Flow Broken

    Hi, I have a Quadrafire Yosemite that worked great for years...now it overfires and I won't use it for safety reasons. It seems the primary air control rod no longer adjusts the air...it just moves in and out without engaging anything. So the primary is constantly open full. Dealer is no...
  27. K

    Is it possible to use Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 to control Quadrafire

    I have a Quadra fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert. My electric baseboards are controlled by Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Econnect Wireless Thermostat connected to the TLM1110R1000 relay and the Redlink Gagteway. Is it possible to use a 24 volt transformer and the relay to control the pellet stove?
  28. W

    Quadrafire Mount Vernon AE ignitor issues

    Last winter the pellet stove burned out 3 ignitors on me and after the third one I just lit it manually for the last bit of winter. Any idea why it keeps burning them out and what the recommended fix is? This one was made in Sept 2006. The ignitor seems to stay on longer than necessary. I also...
  29. V

    Help! Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    I have a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon pellet stove I purchased used. A friend came over yesterday to take it apart and clean it. We got all the brick pieces removed. We cleaned it and put the left side piece and the back piece in. We cannot get the right piece back in! We spent hours reading the...
  30. M

    Mount Vernon 4 speed miss starts???

    I have looked through other threads and can't find this exact problem. I have a Mount Vernon 4 speed (non ae) that I've been having an intermediate problem with for a while. On start up, doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, the exhaust fan starts up, the stove drops pellets for 60 seconds and...