New Quad Trekker - Standard Wired Thermostat After S/N HF3156001

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New Member
Feb 10, 2020
According to the latest user's manual dated 04/21 the QuadraFire Trekker now utilizes a standard thermostat and control setup. They are also no longer are producing the wireless BT user interface.

Quad Trekker Manual Dated 04/2021

Trekkers with serials numbers after HF3156001 will come with the wired thermostat and compatible control board and controls.

I imagine the older style (serial numbers before HF3156001) with the BT user interface can be retrofitted with the latest control board and other parts to be changed over to the wired thermostat. I assume the owner will have to bare the burden of paying for this retrofit if they choose to go in that direction, unless their dealer can document problems with the BT controlled system.

-Warren Z.


New Member
Oct 26, 2021
According to the newest Quadra-Fire Trekker owners manual, the parts list line for the BT thermostat says:
User Interface (Pre #HF3156001) No longer available SRV7080-178

If they aren't even available then they may have to be retrofitted.