Increasing the range of the Quadra-Fire Trekker "Bluetooth Key" / Wireless User Interface.

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Feb 10, 2020
Hi all,

The bluetooth key when installed on the Trekker is located very low on the stove facing the wall to the rear, not facing the room in most installations. A whole lot of cast iron may wind up between the key and the interface, potentially reducing their range. I purchased a 3 meter USB 3.0 A Male to A Female extension cable from Amazon for $6.99 in order to relocate the bluetooth key up and clear of the stove.

This helped quite a bit on its own based on the RSSI reading on the interface but then positioning the bluetooth key HORIZONTALLY made a huge difference. The RSSI reading went from -75 (when the key was attached directly to the stove) to -63 (when using the extension cable and positioning the key horizontally). The lower the RSSI number, the better.

This is a link to the cable: USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Here's a pic: (click on to increase size)

Increasing the range of the Quadra-Fire Trekker "Bluetooth Key" / Wireless User Interface.

By the way, this was just an experiment to see if the range could be increased by moving the key. I had no communication problems with the interface installed 18' away with the key installed on the stove in its original location with a -75 RSSI reading.

Those of you who want to mount their interface further away may want to conduct this inexpensive experiment to see if it also will work for you.

Warren Z