1. O

    '07 Quadrafire 7100zc-worth buying?

    Hey all, My family is in need of a zero clearance wood stove. We cant afford new, but we came across this used 2007 quadrafire 7100 zc. I've talked to the seller who says it's in good shape with a few cosmetic issues. I've seen pictures. They are asking $1000 OBO. Considering this is a 13 year...
  2. WarrenZ.

    Increasing the range of the Quadra-Fire Trekker "Bluetooth Key" / Wireless User Interface.

    Hi all, The bluetooth key when installed on the Trekker is located very low on the stove facing the wall to the rear, not facing the room in most installations. A whole lot of cast iron may wind up between the key and the interface, potentially reducing their range. I purchased a 3 meter USB...
  3. C

    One heat exchange flue not blowing

    I'm unsure where to start, but this is my first post on the forum because I am simply dumbfounded and have no where else to look. I have a quadra-fire contour that I have been running for 12 years with no troubles. I meticulously clean it weekly and maintain anything that goes wrong as soon as...