2010 Quadrafire 1200i - Feed auger rate

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New Member
Dec 28, 2020
Hi guys,

I am hoping you can help me narrow down my issue with my 2010 Quadrafire 1200i. A service technician isn't available until February where I live. I couldn't find the issue through searching, I am running out of options and looking for some new ideas.

Feed auger rate doesn't seem to adjust using the 3-speed controller, and is inadequate for consistent flame (continuous rise and fall of flame on pellet drops)

More details:
  • Start up procedure ignites as normal when commanded
  • TC light turns red, ignition turns off
  • Flame dies down to at or under the firepit
  • On every subsequent pellet drop, the flames reduce to 1in from the bottom of the fire pit, then eventually rise 1in over the top
  • Adjustments to the 3 speeds make no apparent difference in the flame or the feed drop
  • Cleaned hopper completely and vacuumed from top and bottom
  • Removed all pellets from the hopper
  • Tried a different bag of pellets (same brand I've been using all season, no difference). Pellets are dry, always been stored indoors.
  • Fire is very active flames when it is going
  • Opening up the motor cover to watch the auger collar turn
    • Once it is in "run mode" (TC light red)
    • At any of the 3 levels
    • the motor turns for about 1.2 seconds, then turns off for about 5.5 seconds
      • Is this normal?
  • During some of these short rotations, no pellets drop.
  • Because the fire is so small, the convection fan only intermittently kicks on.

Tomorrow I am going to remove the auger motor and inspect for something stuck that I couldn't see.

Is there anything else I could check before replacing the motor or board?
Is that a normal way of rotating the feed auger? Service manual says 7.5 SECOND ON TIME on high, but I only observe maybe 1.2 seconds of "on" time.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully help!


New Member
Dec 28, 2020

Awesome, thank you, I will check the switch, then trace the wires back to the board.

I've (hopefully) uploaded a video showing the rotation of the auger during "run mode". Is this showing normal auger movement?