14 year old Quadra Fire Santa Fe rust advice

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Dec 1, 2009
Central IL
I went to change the combustion blower on our much loved Santa Fe and found pretty bad rust on the flange where the fan screws to. It was actually hanging there quite loosely and some of the screw holes are no more. I don't have confidence in my ability to repair it. If it was your stove, would you replace it or find someone to repair this rot? The stove runs great otherwise and I am getting quotes for a brand new Santa Fe just in case. I'll still have the old one for parts. 14 years seems like a decent lifespan I guess especially when factoring in that all but 1 winter of that was burning corn. Any thoughts? Thanks

14 year old Quadra Fire Santa Fe rust advice 14 year old Quadra Fire Santa Fe rust advice
For anyone who needs to know at a later date, the rust out is on the combustion blower housing which can be replaced. I did not realize "convection cover" could be removed. I've only ever replaced these motors and never the actual housing. Thanks
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My contour is basically the same design. Mine was quite rusty when I just tore it down to refurbish everything. I did order a new housing to replace at the end of the year