1. M

    Osburn 2400 or Quadrafire 5100i

    Hey Y’all- new here and looking forward to discussions! Went to my local dealer and looked at the Quadrafire 5100i and fell in love with it. When I got home did a little more research and came across the Osburn 2400 which seems to burn hotter, have a bigger box and cost less. So what am I...
  2. F

    Quadra-Fire Explorer 1 - Best method to measure temps?

    Hey yall, thanks for reading. I have a Quadra-Fire Explorer 1 stove. I'm new to wood stoves and I'm working on nailing down the best process, which I've developing an idea for. I've been measuring the stove top temp with a laser/infrared thermometer to get an idea of when I can start turning...
  3. M

    How do I replace fuse in Quadrafire Castile

    Hi! I was working on my quadrafire Castile this morning and cleaned the ash out and while pulling the ash holder out it caught the wires and caused them to arc. Fixed the wires but stove won't turn on. Figure it blew the fuse but don't know how to change it out. Any help would be great!
  4. G

    Quadra Fire E2 Pellet Stove Insert Capacity

    We just purchased a Quadra Fire E2 Pellet Stove insert. Prior to purchase, the brochure spec claims the stove holds 52 lbs of pellets. We have now run the stove dry more than a half a dozen times, and at best, if I hand-cram the pellets in I can sometimes get a full 40 lb bag in. This is 25%...
  5. dmmcd

    New Quadra-Fire Voyageur Grand

    Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself and my new Quadra-Fire Voyageur Grand wood burning insert. This site was a wealth of knowledge when I was researching what to buy, and so I thought I would give back a little by sharing my experiences. My family moved into our house about 5 years ago, and...
  6. Q

    My Journey Into The Wood Stove World

    Hi Hearth Forum community! I'm a newbie here, but by no means am I new to the site. For the last six months I've been scouring through all the threads I could find that were of relevance to me and the project I was embarking on. As a way of thanking all of you for your spirit of community and...
  7. S

    When plugged in, exhaust blower not turning on (Quadra-Fire Santa Fe)

    Hello! We purchased a home this past August that had a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe pellet stove installed. They left us the manual and cleaning tools, which we have done bi-weekly and as needed. Being in Minnesota, we started using it pretty regularly this past November and never had any issues. Last...
  8. P

    Mt. Vernon problems

    Hi, I am a new member and was hoping I could get some advise before spending a fortune for a tech. Owner of a Quadra-fire Mt. Vernon. Have had since 2011. No problems in the past, yippee! Had the stove turned to a different angle so more heat went into sitting area. This was done by the store...
  9. Jonkman

    Sound Wars! How loud is a Quadra-Fire Castile VS a Mt. Vernon vs an Accentra?

    I have a Quadra-fire Castile insert, and I have a friend who is interested in getting a pellet stove as well. I run my Castile on high most of the time to keep up ( I probably bought to small, but that's another matter). I always hear that the MVAE and E2 are so quiet. I have never seen one in...
  10. Jonkman

    Dumb question...ash pan gasket on a Castile insert ?

    Hi I was watching another thread ($10 OAK install) and the poster (Dwig) had taped his ash pan shut on his castile to stop air flow so the OAK is more efficient. I just installed an OAK for my castile insert and then saw his post...
  11. D

    thermostat issue with pellet stove

    I have a Quadra-fire Santa Fe - its probably about 6 years old. The thermostat seems to be in trouble. I have the lux cheapy heat-only manual thermostat. Only a couple of times did it know that the temperature had decreased and it turned on again, as it was supposed to. I had to hit reset for...