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New Member
Oct 30, 2015
Hudson Valley, NY
I have a Quadra-fire Santa Fe - its probably about 6 years old. The thermostat seems to be in trouble. I have the lux cheapy heat-only manual thermostat. Only a couple of times did it know that the temperature had decreased and it turned on again, as it was supposed to. I had to hit reset for it to start up again. Now, the red, call light is out. The fuse next to the light looks good. So, the stove itself isn't calling for the pellets. So by fooling around with the thermostat, I maybe broke the unit inside the stove that sends the fuel-calling information? You can tell I'm new to this - I just got the pellet stove. Thanks for your help and info!


Feeling the Heat
Mar 20, 2013
Binghamton, ny
Simply jumper the two thermostat screws with a wire. That bypasses the thermostat. Preferably use an insulated wire.


Minister of Fire
Sep 14, 2014
If you jump the screws on stove that tstat wires go to as reallyte says and stove works, then you either have a bad tstat, or tstat wires, or connections are bad. kap
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