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  1. Q

    QuadraFire Mt Vernon Thermostat

    Hello, First post, and it is a concern that I have here about the QuadraFir.e Mt Vernon pellet stove Thermostat. The thermostat on the wall is wired with three wires. The LCD readout has many menu options that would operate this Pellet stove, and the pellet stove would be inoperative if the...
  2. hobbit

    Tiara 1 - Thermostat install?

    I've got a Tiara 1 that was converted to LP. I'm trying to hook up a thermostat to control it, but the wires are confusing. There's a red wire with a female spade connection, brown wire with a male spade connection and a black wire with a female spade connection. Does anyone know how to hook a...
  3. J

    BK Sirocco 25 Thermostat Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue before I make a call to my local shop that installed the insert. As the title suggests, I have a Blaze King Sirocco 25 that was installed this past February. It's been working great up until the last two loads. It seems as if the thermostat is stuck...
  4. L

    Wire Heat pump & Harman accentra 52i to one thermostat

    Hey everyone, My wife and I just purchased a Harman accentra 52i for the first floor fireplace of our 2 story home. We have a 2 zone electric heat pump system both units are newer trane units with heat strips. We are located in Pennsylvania. I have been doing some research now for a few weeks...
  5. BillMC

    Kingsman IDV34 (or 44) - how to control

    Recently moved into new home with fireplace and little documentation. There was an installation manual for IDV34 or 44, so presumably one of those models. It's controlled by a Emerson 1e78-140 Thermastat that allows the desired temp to be set. However, we'll we likely only be using for...
  6. J

    Install a thermostat to turn an Ashley 5710 on and off

    I’m looking to see if anyone has installed an external thermostat to turn on and off there pellet stove. Looking for a possible WiFi option. Any advice would be great thanks.
  7. A

    Possible thermostat malfunction new Ashford 25

    Just bought an ashford 25 insert, installed by pros this week. I think the thermostat or the thermometer might be malfunctioning, but I’m a newbie so please tell me if I’m being dense. First off, there’s no clear “inactive/active” reading on the thermometer, just grey to red. In the manual, the...
  8. F

    Installing Digital Thermostat Cat Probe in VC Encore 2040 (2012 UK Model)

    Hello from the UK! As per the recommendations in the VC owners thread, I'm looking to install a digital CAT probe in my 2012 VC Encore 2040. The 2012 user manual doesn't provide any details on this, I've only been able to find references in newer manuals. Is installing a CAT probe in this...
  9. A

    Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Won't Turn Off

    My house has a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert that we've been using for about three years now. We've had a couple of problems with it and I've been able to solve them like replacing the relay on the control board after the igniter stayed on continuously. But I've got a new problem that I...
  10. 9

    Thermostat for Oil Drip Stove?

    I'm not super tech savvy. Can I link this this Nestor Martin S31 oil stove with some kind of after market thermostat? If so, how? Thanks. (Sorry if I'm in the wrong place, I didn't see a forum that mentioned oil stoves..)
  11. B

    Mt Vernon Ae Stuck on Autoclean, Wiring stinks too

    Purchased this stove in 2008. Only once would the seller come to my house for repair otherwise he was willing to give me all the info to fix the stove myself. Every time it came down to scrap the fire pot or replug the unit. Well scraping and installing a wall switch to reboot this stove never...
  12. RustyShackleford

    Nest Thermostat 'W' wire connection

    I have an old dual-fuel heat pump system. The "fossil-fuel kit" (which arbitrates between propane furnace and heat pump) appears to be failing. I want to replace my thermostat with one which is dual-fuel capable, and eliminate the fossil-fuel board. This will solve the problem, and makes sense...
  13. B

    Blaze King Thermostat and Bypass Mod (GASP!) (Chinook 20.2)

    Being in a small and efficient house, the teeniest of adjustments on the regulator have a huge impact on house temperature. So why not make it easier to be really pedantic about it? Pretty simple mod anyone can do. Might work with more that just the Chinook 20.2. If you're wondering why the...
  14. Segismundo101

    Looking for suggestions on Updated Thermostats for a CAB50

    I've been attempting to do research on thermostats that will work with my CAB50. I have had the stove now for about 7 or 8 years and have been using the thermostat that came with it. I am hoping to upgrade to either a smart thermostat like a Nest or just a good working digital thermostat without...
  15. M

    Classic Bay 1200i Smart thermostat

    Got a CB 1200 insert that I want to pair with a smart thermostat. My main two requirements are 1) wifi connected so I can control it remotely (programmable 7day wont work as its used very randomly). 2) have the ability to have a wireless temperature sensor (important because my current...
  16. IDCandy

    Whitfield Quest WP4 - Thermostat

    We recently bought a campground and lodge. There are two pellet stoves and one is a Whitfield Quest WP4. I'm looking into buying the Fast Fire Igniter upgrade but want to know if the stove can be thermostat regulated. Any help will be appreciated.
  17. H

    Jotul not consistently responding to thermostat

    Apologies if I'm duplicating a thread, but the others I looked at didn't seem to be quite the same problem. Here goes: I have a Jotul GF 500 DV, purchased new in 2014. I use a Proflame transmitter as a thermostat and have had good results with that. In the last few years, however, I find...
  18. H

    Blaze King Princess everything has gone haywire.

    This is a four month old stove. Three weeks ago, I noticed that our catalytic thermometer range had gone from within the painted inactive/active zones to at the coldest straight “south” and will heat more than 360 degrees around when I have it ripping. Not sure what happened? then two days...
  19. M

    Quadra-Fire Santa Fe and Honeywell CT87K1004

    I tried replacing my broken Lux thermostat today with this simple CT87K1004 and the pellet stove just clicks repeatedly when there is no call for heat. Are these two not compatible? The stove works perfectly when I jump the R and W wires together manually. Thanks! Mike
  20. C

    Quadrafire 1200i does not start on its old after it’s cold

    Hello, I just bought a brand new quadrafire 1200i pellet stove and have had it for only a week. I have a huge house so I set the thermostat to 80 degrees and keep it on highfrom 4-11pm heats the house to about 74. I think have the thermostat set to 68 at night but for some reason the stove...
  21. D

    New Pellet Stove Insert Purchase Help

    I'm replacing my first pellet stove insert and been reading a ton on here and all over the web SO many questions and some conflictions of details but I'll start with my current needs haha. I'm replacing an old Earth Stove HP40, we use it to heat the main level of our house, it's a 2 story, to...
  22. S

    Harman PF100 No Temperature Control

    Hello, maybe you guys may be able to help with this. Here is what I have going on. The past few days I had the Harman PF100 pellet furnace going and it seemed to be running ok, but temp control did not seem to work with thermistor on wall or in service mode, it stayed steady at 72-73 degrees...
  23. Jcc583

    Vigas 40L CPU T3 Error

    I’m hoping someone can help me I have installed a Vigas 40L with an ak3000 CPU. The flue temp is read by a pt1000. I’m getting CPU T3 error. What type of sensor or thermostat is needed for the thermal storage T3 connection?
  24. JakeAylward

    Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE Wall Display Is DARK

    We've got an older Mt. Vernon AE Insert ('06-07). It hasn't been used in over a year. Our wall display is now completely dark. When functioning correctly, just the numbers & letters will be dark & the background will be light-grey. If we push on the display screen or use a flashlight, you...
  25. G

    Lopi Yankee Bay insert thermostat

    I saw a posting for the Lopi Pioneer Bay that said an off the shelf thermostat could be used. Is this true for the Yankee Bay as well? I don't see how that would be connected, as there are just the 2 connections for wires on the stove. How does one connect a commercial thermostat to the...
  26. Stratcat900

    Santa Fe Combustion blower works fine – but doesn't start when thermostat calls for heat

    I have a four year old Quadra Fire Santa Fe that's not re-starting when the thermostat calls for heat. I have had this problem on occasion since day 1, and the frequency has increased to the point that the stove simply isn't usable. It's well maintained, cleaned often, professionally serviced...
  27. M

    Quadrafire 1100i restart issues

    Hello, all! I’ve purchases a Quadrafire 1100i insert and it worked fine for serveral weeks but now is having major problems when it comes to restarting. If I manually turn up the thermostat it will start but once it gets up to temperature and turns off, it won’t start again. I have to restart it...
  28. B

    Duel Fuel Thermostats

    I have a Tarm Solo Plus 40 MK II, with an 800 gallon thermal storage tank. For heat this is tied to my Train 5 ton heat pump. I have a heat exchanger in the air handler for the house heat, which is tied into the hot water heater. This is back up / secondary heat to my primary Train Heat Pump...
  29. C

    England stove works CB-120 brand new and thermostat not working right?

    Professionaly installed and I have the thermometer hanging freely out of the back of the unit. When I use on manual setting one which is the lowest on days that are not freezing my downstairs stays about 80 degrees. When I use the temp mode no matter what temp I set it to such as 60 degrees it...
  30. lp9900

    Seeking Blaze King Thermostat Coil Information

    Hello, I have an older Blaze King wood stove insert (non-cat) = approximately 1982. I believe it may be the KFF-402. The thermostat coil had an L leg shape that slipped into the end of the second rod that controls the air damper. Somewhere along the line, the L part broke off so the coil is no...