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New Member
Jan 25, 2019
Hello, all!
I’ve purchases a Quadrafire 1100i insert and it worked fine for serveral weeks but now is having major problems when it comes to restarting. If I manually turn up the thermostat it will start but once it gets up to temperature and turns off, it won’t start again. I have to restart it manually every time otherwise it would never turn on. It makes no sounds, the fan doesn’t turn on, nothing happens at all. I’ve replaced the fans, the motherboard, tried several thermostats and done everything I can think of. I’m at a complete loss.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Have you ever tried cutting some of the ends off the tstat wires, to see if there is bad spots in it? Sounds like stove is not getting signal from tstat for whatever reason. kap
And have you watched the stove and been lucky enough to see if it did start, but just had a misfire and timed out, and only would be able to start by hitting reset or turning tstat up down and up, to turn stove on? kap