quadra fire pellet stove

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    Quadrafire 1100i restart issues

    Hello, all! I’ve purchases a Quadrafire 1100i insert and it worked fine for serveral weeks but now is having major problems when it comes to restarting. If I manually turn up the thermostat it will start but once it gets up to temperature and turns off, it won’t start again. I have to restart it...
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    Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon 2009 temperature set to 82 and heats to 70

    It's cold out - probably 20's - and my Mt. Vernon cannot keep up with the set temperature of the room. I tried to set it at 76 but it barely gets to 70. It's fine on a warmer day. So I set it to 82 hoping it will at least get to 74 - Nope. Any advice?
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    Mount Vernon Quadfire Stove Problem

    1) The auger motor quit running. I tested the motor its fine. I jumped the vacuum switch, fine, tested snap disk #2, fine, replaced anyhow so I decided it was the control box. I replaced that still no auger.If I put the control box to test mode everything tests fine, both fans, auger motor and...
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    Thermocouple ceramic cover

    ugh! Cleaning out the firepot and the thermocouple ceramic cover is broken in pieces inside. No where to purchase a new one for a couple of days. Can I still use the pellet stove without it? It works but I don't want to damage anything.