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New Member
Dec 11, 2023
New York

I have a Quadra Fire Edge 60 pellet stove that was bought by former owner 12 years ago. Recently the stove takes really long time to ignite (probably 2-3 startup cycle to start fire. Possible igniter issue?). But then I noticed the flame is really low and weak which cannot reach the thermocouple. I opened the glass door and found that the fire would burn better (much higher flame) which seems to be lack of oxygen when the glass door is closed (possible air flow issue?). Then after 5-10 minutes (Soft Start - Low and sometimes can make it to Soft Start - Med stage), the fire will just die out as weak flame and no pellet feed (probably due to low flame level resulting in low reading from thermocouple. Possible thermocouple issue?).

I did clean the fire pot, heat exchanger, vent pipe, combustion blower, convection blower. I used my infrared thermometer to check temperature of the ignitor, it was like 600F at peak. But then I detect temperature of the fire pot, it was like less than 100F only (which might be able to explain why it takes so long to light).

Just wondering what might be causing the issue? Any suggestions for what else I should check next or part replacements? (e.g. new 380watt ignitor, combustion blower and gasket, thermocouple, etc.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated! IMG_3561.png


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Are you sure the stove is ash-free from air intake to exhaust termination?
Sounds like a combustion air problam
Are you sure the stove is ash-free from air intake to exhaust termination?
Sounds like a combustion air problam
I cleaned the exhaust vent but might miss cleaning the air intake vent. I’ll try to clean it tomorrow and see if that helps. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

BTW could you tell if my combustion blower motor was running normally? I couldn’t tell if that running speed was fast enough to support negative pressure in combustion chamber.
Check and make sure that all of the holes in the burnpot are clear.