QuadraFire Santa Fe HELP

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New Member
Nov 20, 2023
HELP: my quadra fire santa fe insert (2015 model) has me confused. recently, when turned on either by me or the thermostat, it begins and goes thru the start up squence fine. feeds and ignites pellets, and continues to feed to keep fire burning. blower kicks on to push air into the room and it’ll continue to feed pellets until randomly stopping, causing fire to slowly burnout. i should note:

-call light remains on
-green light on control box (clear style box) comes on and is replaced by red light. it’s my understanding this red light should remain lit on the control box to indicate the stove has made it from the start up to “run” mode. red light normally stays on for 10-15 mins then for some unknown reason, the green light returns and the pellets stop feeding

-cleaned daily
-blew vacuum line out
-jumped vacuum switch as others suggested, no change
-ensured thermocouple touches edge of cover and hangs over fire pot

if i’m in the room when the flame begins to die, i can usually keep it alive by hitting the reset button for force feed pellets. after hitting it once or twice, the stove begins to feed pellets again by itself

any thoughts? thermocouple? control box?