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  1. C

    Purchase a Used Harman Advance?

    I have been considering purchasing a pellet stove as a secondary heat source. I have a 1500 sq ft single story home that has subpar insulation. However, if the sun is out and the wind is down, the heat pump does a great job. The issue is when the temps do not get above the freezing mark for more...
  2. L

    Run Harman Accentra 52i Pellet Stove as Heat Pump aux Heat

    My wife and I purchased a Harman Accentra 52i Tc insert recently. We have a 2 story home in eastern PA with a heatpump zone for each floor. Both heat pumps are trane units with electric aux heat (pricey). My initial intentions were to wire the stove up to my thermostat to come on as the heat...
  3. K

    Pellet Stove Dump

    I live in Pasadena Maryland and I need to get rid of an old pellet stove. I’ve disassembled it as much as I can to make it easier to move but any suggestions on where to dump it? It’s a little bit too heavy to pick up and throw over the wall in the recycle centers.
  4. E

    Pellet stove lights wont come on

    Pellet stove was working fine, I pressed the off button and left home. When I came home, I turned it on, and the burn box overflowed with pellets, but they didn't ignite. I pressed the off button, but it didn't click off because it was too warm, so I unplugged it, it clicked off, I emptied the...
  5. N

    King Pellet Stove 5502M smoke leaks

    I just serviced my King 5502M, replaced the Tee as removal of the existing Tee was a battle with the existing silicon. Replaced rope gasket in the joint which were disconnected. Replaced the exhaust blower gasket and exhaust duct gasket. Replaced the door glass gaskets and rope gasket. I am...
  6. Scout52

    The Ol' Waterford Erin

    I picked up this old stove a while back for 60 bucks. Couldn't pass up the potential. I'm pretty good with fixing things. Fast forward about a year, finding a new control board and figuring out how to put the thing in my house and keep with the required separations... Works great! I'm about...
  7. Niel

    New Monia: No response on temperature control

    Hey folks, I just installed my brand new Monia. I bought it from a web shop, it came from their show room. The store is not close by, unforunately and said is not possible to have a troubleshoot on location. Luckily i found tis forum with some stove engineers on, maybe anyone can help me out...
  8. etownKID

    Englander Pellet Stove: Crack Combustion Blower Housing

    I recently purchased a home that has an Englander Pellet Stove in the basement, it looks to be a model PU-CB04. I've read the user manual and reviewed the stove structure and there are two things I'm concerned about before powering it up. I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice. 1. The...
  9. J

    Could use some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time starting a thread on this forum. I’ll get straight to the point. We purchased a Grand Teton Gros Ventre October 16,2023 (we were on a budget). Out of the box the blower was shot. Then the smell (we did the 1-2hr burn off before installing in our home) was...
  10. laurenjohnsonrdh

    Low Clarance Pellet Stove Options

    First time posting. My husband and I recently decided pellet stove insert is the way to go to help with heating our home. We have a 6,000 sq ft house with over 70 windows. Our family room is two story. We live in Maryland where there are 3-4 very cold months. Last year our heating system (which...
  11. G

    Jamestown J1000 Temperature Sensors

    I have a Jamestown J1000 that the blower will not shut off when the stove goes out. I've replaced the 07FDB proof of fire sensor and the 07FEC temperature limit switch. There seems to be another sensor 07FDE. Could that be the culprit?
  12. O

    Help deciding on pellet stove for S. NH - Deerfield vs P61/Absolute 63 vs Trekker

    Hi all, Normally I ask for advice on various topics on Reddit but everyone there said to come here for good advice on pellet stoves, so here I am! Background: Live in Southern New Hampshire and am looking to replace a Woodstock Soapstone stove (Fireview model - circa 2004 - came with house)...
  13. T

    Help me pick the best stove!

    Greetings! I am looking for a pellet stove to heat my house. I have 15-1600 sq ft to heat, plus a basement that I don't really need heated. I have grown up with pellet stoves all my life, but now have a house that operates on fuel oil alone. I am not interested in being stuck with >$5 per gallon...
  14. R

    Wood Pellets - Ambiance vs logik-e

    We are on our second season using the Regency Greenfire GF55 pellet stove (2022). Last heating season we burned Ambiance - premium wood pellets with no real issues I would say. Bag indicates Ash<1%, Moisture<8%. This season we have been burning Logik-e - super premium hard wood pellets with a...
  15. A

    Harmon P43 hums/won't start after plugging into surge protection

    We've got a Harmon P43, 7 years old. Plugged it into a surge protector a few days ago and it only buzzes, the blower and auger won't start. Pulled it from the surge protector and plugged directly back into outlet with same result. Now it won't do anything but buzz. This happened last year after...
  16. J

    Enviro Windsor 220V Pellet Stove Extinguishes After Lighting

    I am located in Chiba, Japan and have a circa 2004 Enviro Windsor 220V stove. The outfit that sold and supported these 220V models in Japan is long gone. The stove lights fine and gets a nice flame, then the pellets stop feeding and it dies and light #3 blinks. I have followed all the...
  17. B

    Osborne 3000 Auger Noise

    I have an Osborne 3000 pellet stove. Recently the auger has been making a grinding noise. I removed the auger and cleaned everything. Reinstalled it and it is still happening. It isn’t constant, but rather it happens in short bursts every 40 seconds or so. When I was cleaning the space the...
  18. M

    Englander Low Fuel Speed

    Hi all I have a 2005 englander 25-EPI and the lower 3 settings LFF, LBA and AOT will not allow me to change any of them for some reason? I recently swapped boards with the original one as my brother in law had got another stove and took the board from mine due to wiring and solder issues, long...
  19. T

    Pellet Stove Basement Venting

    Hello, I am interested in installing a pellet stove in my basement. My house has a brick exterior. I am interested in going through the rim joist and then out the brick. I have been searching around for an example of this, but I cannot find it. I did find something similar. It was mentioned to...
  20. D

    Help with Control Board for Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 insert

    First post all, thanks for your patience and welcome (having a bit of a rough morning, found out my main furnace isn't working this morning, either!) This morning my replacement exhaust blower mower arrived for my 16 yr old former exhaust blower (original OEM, not too bad of a life!) that was...
  21. AudiOOOOLady

    Refurbished Harman P61A Odd Noise

    Hello all! New here and new to pellet stoves. I have done an excessive amount of research from Facebook, YouTube, and on this forum. Have read and learned many things. I have a brand new P43 and “refurbished” P61A. The P61A has been giving me problems since we bought it a little over two weeks...
  22. etorres16

    Quadra-Fire Castile Not Working

    We moved into a new home last year with a Quadra-Fire Castile pellet stove. It worked great last winter, no issues other than occasionally needing to hit the reset button. This year, however, it has had issues feeding and igniting. The thermostat flashes "HEAT", the red call light comes on, and...
  23. K

    Cleaning a KP130

    I bought a KP130 after having issues with a Ashley(VG)5790 for 4 years. There where areas not mentioned or diagramsed that needed cleaning to maintain proper airflow to prevent pellets from overflowing on my old stove. Turns out after all the reading, calling and parts replacing... the feed...
  24. M

    Whitfield profile 30-damper gasket help

    Hey all-new here but have been stalking your posts for two years. First thanks for all the wonderful knowledge y’all share. We are in a home with an old Whitfield Profile 30. It’s in really great shape and so far all problems have resolved themselves with time, effort and cleaning! Tonight’s...
  25. P

    Englander pah-25 stove problems

    Hey guys again so I got a englander pah-25 recently on Facebook market place just for heat in the garage and it worked great the first night then all of a sudden I went the turn it on and it wouldn’t light up or anything then I hit the off button and the stove would light up so I tried resetting...
  26. J

    Pellet stove not getting hot

    Hey everybody, i hope you all are well and warm, i recently bought a used Englander 25-pdvc made in 2015, i have gone through 3 bags of pellets so far. I feel that im not getting as much heat as i should be, on lowest heat setting (its set on d, 6,4,1) with the fan set on 3 i am getting my...
  27. P

    King pellet stove deluxe settings help!

    Hey guys so I have a king pellet stove deluxe and my buddy showed me some settings he runs in his stove and says it’s good and stays on till he turns it off and it’s low draft setting 270 and high draft set to 425 low feed to 1.70 and high feed 3.45 and draft fan on auto with t stat I keep it...
  28. T

    How often do you clean your liner? Any Tips?

    It looks like along with the yearly maintenance on my Harman Accentra I should clean the liner. 1. What tool do you recommend for a 4inch 25ft liner? I have this pellet stove/ dryer hose cleaner that I use in a smaller pellet stove, but I would hate to lose it somewhere up in the liner. 2 If...
  29. C

    Pellet stove for Yurt--recommendations?

    Hello! I am looking for a pellet stove for my newly built yurt. It's 450 sq feet with insulated floor, wall, and ceiling (though it will never be as well insulated as a real house). I'm in Oregon in the Willamette valley where average low temps in winter are in the low 30s. The yurt is my year...
  30. F

    Winslow PS40 Pellet Stove - Lazy Flame and Dies after 20 minutes to 2 hours

    Hi all, New to the forum here hoping to find a solution for my Winslow PS40 Pellet Stove. It was running great for awhile, starts up fine, but dies out after 20 minutes to 2 hours. Here is a list of everything I have tried Cleaned the stove thoroughly including Fire switch Combustion blower...