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New Member
Dec 12, 2023
I picked up this old stove a while back for 60 bucks. Couldn't pass up the potential. I'm pretty good with fixing things. Fast forward about a year, finding a new control board and figuring out how to put the thing in my house and keep with the required separations... Works great! I'm about 350-400$ into it total (1k if you count the pipe, which I don't because I would have that expense anyway with any stove). I noticed the other day that the door gasket was leaking a bit so I got some seal rope and replaced it. However this is when I "re-discovered" the ash pan door had about a 1.5" gap at the very bottom. I did not leave it there as I was under the impression that since this stove uses a single blower for combustion and convection and "pressurizes" the burn chamber that an air wash wasn't really a thing on this one. Even so the air washes on the old stoves I thought were usually between the glass and the inside with a little slit. It wasn't where I would expect an air wash to be, let's just say that. Anyone have experience with this stove and know if there is something I'm missing there? I have the manual and it mentions nothing, leading me to think it should all just be sealed up.


Pics for attention.

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