Heritage re-build - side door frame - gasket question

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Nov 11, 2019
Was gratifying to get the bolts and screws off - Kano Kroil to the rescue. Followed hearthstone instructions... I've cleaned it up and wonder if anybody has input on gaskets. The splines are little metal tabs that seem to hold stone to stone,,, or stone to metal frame. They were -at least- covered by flat gasket, if not at one time cemented to them. Think those are to protect the stone? or for air sealing?

There was gasket running up the vertical angle iron, which is loose. Again, think these are to protect the stones or for air sealing? I'm wondering how exacting I have to be. Should I just cement them in place?

The instructions only mention replacing the gasket on the underside of the top frame with 3/8" medium density gasket.

I scraped off the gasket stuck to the top side of the stones. I assume that's the same gasket the instructions are talking about. Pictures show before and after chiseling. To replace that gasket along the top, should I be getting rope gasket or this flat hearthstone gasket? https://www.rockymountainstove.com/hearthstone-3-8-x-1-8-flat-gasket/

Lastly, anybody know the size of the washers on the door pins? And the size of the washers that shim the door latch? Thanks for your consideration!

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