door gasket

  1. M

    Breckwell p2700 Door Glass Leaking

    I purchased the Breckwell p2700. It's been good so far. I've only been running it for a few weeks. But today, I turned it on after being off for a few hours. I noticed smoke. So, I turned it off and suddenly I see smoke start pouring out of the front door! After getting the fire out and...
  2. Jhawknseattle

    New stove gasket problem?

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and new to pellet stoves in general but have visited this site alot while researching what to get. I ultimately decided to go with the Lopi Deerfield. I do have a question however. Upon doing my second weekly cleaning I discovered a pretty big fray in the gasket...
  3. Talegas

    Should I replace the Door gasket?

    Hey guys, do you think this merits a change of the entire gasket? I was thinking of putting a bit of silicon to keep it together, but wondered if it should be done properly. thoughts?
  4. movemaine

    Door gasket sealant - do I need to let it fully cure?

    Just replaced my door gasket and I'm wondering if I need to let the gasket sealant (silicone based) to fully cure before turning the stove back on. The sealant only says that it will be cured within 24 hours, but gives no indication of whether the stove can be running or not.
  5. J

    Hampton HI-300 door gasket replacement

    I am going on my 5th year with my HI-300. I am wondering if it's getting time to replace the door gasket. In my 3rd season I did the dollar bill test and found a poor seal near the hinge side (IIRC). I removed a washer from the latch assembly as shown in the manual and that fixed things up...