Breckwell p2700 Door Glass Leaking

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Jan 6, 2020
I purchased the Breckwell p2700. It's been good so far. I've only been running it for a few weeks. But today, I turned it on after being off for a few hours. I noticed smoke. So, I turned it off and suddenly I see smoke start pouring out of the front door! After getting the fire out and inspecting the door I notice that the two grooved seals, on either side of the 3 piece door glass, could move up and down without much trouble and there was an opening on the top and bottom of them. I also noticed that the bottom of the glass does not have a gasket.

Is this normal for Breckwells? I checked my brother in laws Breckwell and his door also doesn't have the bottom glass gasket. His is a single glass pane however.

So for my p2700, with the 3 pane glass, do I need to seal these grooved pieces that connect the sides with the center pane? Do I need to install the lower seal? I'm completely lost on this one. I'd think the door would be air tight but how the glass is installed it definitely is not. I've also checked the main door gasket using the "dollar test" and the main gasket is fine. The door is leaking from the glass.

I've attached two images. One of the grooved piece that connects the side glass with the center. This is the part that leaks from the top and bottom. Also a picture of the opening between the glass and the door structure at the bottom of the door. This showing that there is no gasket. Is this by design?

Any help would be amazing! Thank you in advance!


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They dont have bottom or top gaskets on the glass for air wash. Im assuming the joint gaskets perform the same idea hels to keep the glass clean...
Welcome to the forum
Do you have a manual?
In the parts list, it does not show any door seals
It also says any door repairs should be done by Dealer??
Pos air wash to help keep the glass clean?
The reason you had smoke is the chimney did not get warm enough to
help with natural draft. Also, you turned off the stove when it has the
most smoke in it. Just before the pellets ignite
I would also check with your dealer about the way the glass is installed.
First off, I'm shocked by the fast response! Thank you! You guys rock!

So I have not pulled apart the door at all. All I noticed it that it is not air tight. The stove runs fine regardless. I was just concerned because I have a Lennox Windslow P140 at my old house that I'm renting out and that door is air tight from what I remember. It never leaked smoke. But if what you're saying is correct, that air is supposed to travel through the door face for cleaning purposes then I guess it can leak smoke if smoke is in the chamber.

That's wild. It seems strange that the door seal should be good but the door itself is not air tight. And yes, once I saw a little smoke I turned off the stove and then the door started smoking like crazy!