Cleaning a KP130

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New Member
Jul 21, 2022
Rockford mi
I bought a KP130 after having issues with a Ashley(VG)5790 for 4 years. There where areas not mentioned or diagramsed that needed cleaning to maintain proper airflow to prevent pellets from overflowing on my old stove. Turns out after all the reading, calling and parts replacing... the feed rate was never correct,

So my question is other than vacuuming the front, cleaning behind the 2 panels in the burn chamber and cleaning the chimney. Is there any other places that need to be cleaned that are seemly hidden to maintain a proper burn when cleaning before the new cold season begins? And are there any parts I should have on hand that commonly need replacing?

I like this stove, the fact that it has a thermostat and the feed rate can be adjusted as the temperature changes. The BTUs are less but it does the job I need and I will not be using 3 bags a day anymore.