Jamestown J1000 Temperature Sensors

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Gene Barsaleau

New Member
Oct 16, 2023
I have a Jamestown J1000 that the blower will not shut off when the stove goes out. I've replaced the 07FDB proof of fire sensor and the 07FEC temperature limit switch. There seems to be another sensor 07FDE. Could that be the culprit?
Which blower? Hard to tell without knowing year of stove and board model. Could be third snap switch if it has blue wire and you have a manual light stove or sounds like a bad triac. Try unplugging one of the leads on the snap switch if it stops blower it is the one running them do not touch lead to stove or you will short board be careful lead could have power going through it. Jamestown J1000 boards are based on serial number of stove. Should look like one of the two pics I posted. Triacs are circled in red. They can be replaced by someone good at soldering not sure which controls the blower. Don2222 knows more about them then I do.

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