Low Clarance Pellet Stove Options

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Nov 5, 2023
First time posting. My husband and I recently decided pellet stove insert is the way to go to help with heating our home. We have a 6,000 sq ft house with over 70 windows. Our family room is two story. We live in Maryland where there are 3-4 very cold months. Last year our heating system (which is new) just couldn’t keep up and it was freezing in our house and we burned approx $1,000/month in propane from our boiler. We can’t do that again. So last week I went to our local Ace Hearth and Home and purchased a pellet insert, but when they did the site visit they said we need 2 more inches of non combustible material, which would require altering our mantle. They sent me a few other options that would work, but none qualify for the energy tax credit. So here I am looking for a low clearance pellet stove that has more of a contemporary look and in stock bc we are looking to install by end of year. Our opening is 46” wide and 30.5” tall, 37” to the wood trim. I would love a wood insert but I was told bc our surround is made of wood we would have to rip all that out. Does anyone have suggestions for a low clearance pellet stove that would work in this space and also puts out at least 51,000 btu? Thank you!
Low Clarance Pellet Stove Options
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First off What stove manufacturer and model
That way we can look at the clearance needed
We would also need your measurements from
fireplace opening to your mental and surround
This manual gives the minimum distances for an Enviro
M55 Cast insert stove rated at 55 thousand BTU
See page 18
There are others but you will find for a unit over
50 thousand btu the measurements are much the same
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With 6000 sq ft, you should probably have at least 2, the insert and another room or two. A pellet burner is considered a space heater, so that why I think at least 2 appliances for that square footage. Must be a beautiful house.