Pellet stove lights wont come on

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New Member
Jan 8, 2024
Pellet stove was working fine, I pressed the off button and left home.
When I came home, I turned it on, and the burn box overflowed with pellets, but they didn't ignite.
I pressed the off button, but it didn't click off because it was too warm, so I unplugged it, it clicked off, I emptied the burn box and put it back in.
When I plugged it back in the on/off light came on for about a second and then went off.
When I press the on/off button nothing happens.
None of the other lights are on or blinking.
I checked the fuse, and the fuse is good, I tried jumping the fuse and turning it on and it didn't work.
The only time I can get any of the control panel lights to light up is when I first plug it in, and it's only the on/off light, and it only lights up for about a second.

Any idea what is going on?