Whitfield profile 30-damper gasket help

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Feb 3, 2022
New Mexico
Hey all-new here but have been stalking your posts for two years. First thanks for all the wonderful knowledge y’all share. We are in a home with an old Whitfield Profile 30. It’s in really great shape and so far all problems have resolved themselves with time, effort and cleaning!
Tonight’s problem is fun. A few months ago I had found a piece of gasket rope-flat and gray, unlike any other on the system. The door gaskets are white rounded rope. I set it off to the side as I could not see where it came from. Now it looks to have come from the damper plate-I’m thinking it came off while adjusting it those few months back. Now, I can’t find the piece of gasket, the manual doesn’t have a part number of size for that gasket, and I can’t tell how the gasket would adhere to the damper plate without impeding. It’s ability to open and close. I can see sparks behind the damper just looking in the side of the unit! I would like to get this replaced, but have no idea the size gasket I need or how to get it in place.

It’s most likely Lytherm Gasket Material and can be bought in sheets, easy to make your own this way
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