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  1. F

    Good deal on a Morso 3610 for a small house?

    Hi All, I'm a first time wood stove buyer looking for primary heat source for our 1100 sq foot house. I'm just starting research process and I stumbled upon a unused Morso 3610 for around $1000, which seems like a very good price for a quality stove. If this Morso is a good fit for me, I'm...
  2. M

    Whitfield profile 30-damper gasket help

    Hey all-new here but have been stalking your posts for two years. First thanks for all the wonderful knowledge y’all share. We are in a home with an old Whitfield Profile 30. It’s in really great shape and so far all problems have resolved themselves with time, effort and cleaning! Tonight’s...
  3. Eliza and mica

    Buy new economy or used Lopi?

    Hi folks! We’ve been learning a lot and appreciating all the info and opinions shared here as we get ready to install a wood stove in our manufactured 1,700 sqft home as our sole source of heat. After much research and deliberation, we have landed upon purchasing either a used lopi endeavor...
  4. M

    Buying a used Jotul stove - questions

    We are considering buying a used Jotul 370 gas stove. It looks to be in good shape and was uninstalled by the owner ( we are told they have "building experience.") Is it a bad idea to buy a gas stove uninstalled by an owner and not a professional? We are trying to weigh the risks of this.
  5. L

    Worth buying 19 year old used hearthstone Phoenix?

    Hey everyone, I’ve been reading a ton on here for a month or so trying to decide what to go with for replacing my fireplace (very helpful thank you!). I finally decided on a wood stove and am pretty sure I want to get a hearthstone. I was originally thinking shelburne but after seeing a Phoenix...
  6. B

    is a wood stove my best choice? and where should it go?

    in short, my questions are about placement in my house, an empty basement fireplace, draft questions, used stoves, and circulating heat. I'm new to wood stoves but my father use,a one primarily for last 10 years and I've done some homework. I know the basics. I'm looking to have one installed...