Wood Pellets - Ambiance vs logik-e

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Feb 20, 2023
We are on our second season using the Regency Greenfire GF55 pellet stove (2022).

Last heating season we burned Ambiance - premium wood pellets with no real issues I would say. Bag indicates Ash<1%, Moisture<8%.

This season we have been burning Logik-e - super premium hard wood pellets with a few issues. The main issue is that the burn pot overfills as if the feed rate/air trim/damper are not adjusted correctly. Despite trying to make the appropriate adjustments, there doesn’t seem to be a setting that consistently works with all the various heat levels. Bag indicates Ash<0.5% and doesn’t appear to show moisture content. Visually I can’t see any discernible issues with the quality of the pellets.

I recently bought 10-bags of Ambiance pellets to try again and now have had no issues after the 3rd bag. It’s a little early to say for sure but it seems like the pellets are the variable making the difference.

Should note that the only reason we switched brands was due to a significant employee discount.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated!
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Wood Pellets - Ambiance vs logik-e