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  1. R

    Wood Pellets - Ambiance vs logik-e

    We are on our second season using the Regency Greenfire GF55 pellet stove (2022). Last heating season we burned Ambiance - premium wood pellets with no real issues I would say. Bag indicates Ash<1%, Moisture<8%. This season we have been burning Logik-e - super premium hard wood pellets with a...
  2. Jonkman

    Any softwood pellets in Southern Michigan that are any good?

    Howdy Everybody, I know there are not many Michiganders on here, but just curious if any of you know of a good softwood pellet available around here? I live near Grand Rapids and there isn't much of a selection of softwoods. Only one I know of is Isabellas and they aren't very good in my...
  3. Bucks Pellets

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Bag Sale 2/18 - Eastern Pa

    Cash & Carry Bag Sale Sat 2/18 from 8 - 1 We're clearing out our warehouse to make room for our spring buy. Included in our bag sale will be Olympus douglas fir, La Crete, Platinum Pellets, EasyBlaze, North Country, Okanagan Gold and AWF Hardwood. We also have Hamer's on sale for $245 / ton...
  4. Bucks Pellets

    Barefoot Pellets $249 - Bucks, Mont, Lehigh, Northamptom

    Just a heads up... We just landed our first of many trucks of Barefoot hardwood pellets. Our current new arrival deal is $249/ton & $4.99/bag. 100% hardwood made in Troy, Pa. As always, be safe and keep warm, Thanks, Joe Bucks Pellets