Barefoot Pellets $249 - Bucks, Mont, Lehigh, Northamptom

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Just a heads up... We just landed our first of many trucks of Barefoot hardwood pellets. Our current new arrival deal is $249/ton & $4.99/bag. 100% hardwood made in Troy, Pa.

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Bucks Pellets
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Sounds cheap. Maybe the pellets have been subjected to moisture.
That's a reasonable concern after seeing the big box stores slash their prices on product that's been sitting out in the weather all season.
But no moisture issues with these. We store our pellets indoors out of the weather.
Barefoot is a local mill with a good product trying to compete in a changing market. We discounted our already razor thin margins on this first load so our customers have the opportunity to give them a try. We just burned a couple bags from this load. They didn't disappoint.
Wish you were a little closer , I'm in Berks
How far out from the western edge of Montgomery county are you? Touch base with us during our spring sale. We might be able to sneak your order on a truck during our summer deliveries. Also if we can round up a few more orders out your way, we can run a truck out there in the summer or early fall.


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Oct 31, 2014
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You are killing me :p
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