Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Southeast PA (Near Pottstown/Limerick) Prices

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Oct 1, 2012
Near Limerick, PA
Was running low and didn't get my pre-buy tons yet so I called all the localish to me (zip 19468) places I could think of, below is what I found. I made the calls last week(week of 12/11/22) so can't say for sure the prices are still the same, but I'd imagine they are close. Prices are per ton. If you are local to Limerick, PA and need pellets see my note below the prices about getting some from Kegerreis.

Kegerreis (Bernville, PA....not really local to me but good selection and prices!)
Turman - $325
O’Malley - $325
Energex - $325
Hamer - $325
Alleghany - $325
American Wood Fiber (AWF) Softwood - $335

Krings (Betchesville)
Energex - $350
Hamer - $350

Chester County Hearth & Home (Elverson)
EasyHeat - $315

Ray's Greenhouse ( Telford)
Barefoot – $325(23.8lb bags)
Barefoot $315 (40lb bags)
Country Boy - $345
Energex - $290

Ace Hardware (Royersford)
Lignetics - $399
Barefoot - $349

Pughtown Agway
Easy Blaze - $360
Lignetics - $360
AWF Hardwood -$360

Wehrungs (Collegeville)
Hamer - $350
Lignetics - $350
AWF softwood - $360

The Store at Moyer & Son (Souderton)
AWF Hardwood - $329
AWF Softwood -$360

The Stove Shop (Phoenixville)
Hamer - $400

Pottstown Roller Mills
C&C hardwood- $375

Salters (Eagleville)
Easy Blaze - $389

AD Moyer (Pottstown)
Easy Blaze - $355

I did a spring pre-buy with Kegerreis in Bernville for some pellets. The company I was using to pickup my 4 tons was sold over the summer and the price for the pick/delivery has gone up a good bit. If anyone is real close to Linfield, PA and interested in getting some pellets from Kegerries, I'm looking to find some people needing a ton or more of pellets to help with the pickup cost. The truck would have room for I think 8 more tons and delivery could be done by forklift (the kind that hang off the back of trucks). You would have to be real close to Linfield though or somewhere real close to 422 between Reading and Limerick. You'd have to call and pay for them over the phone. If interested, send me a msg and we can discuss. I would highly recommend the Turman or AWF softwood! Even spending a bit for delivery, they'd still probably be cheaper than most local places!
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