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Dec 20, 2010
Upstate NY
So being new to the pellet game I have done some calling around looking for prices. I didnt get in on any early buy offers, so Im stuck paying what I can get right now. Wanted to post a few here just so everyone could see what prices are, and suggest if anything looks good/bad out of the gate. None of these include delivery.

Cubex Hardwood - $315/ton
Fusion Blend - $299/ton
Lignetics Northeast Blend - $279/ton
TSC Hardwoods (Curran) - $265/ton
TSC Softwoods (Northeast WP) - $265/ton
Green Supreme - $269/ton
Turman - $360/ton
Barefoot - $325/ton
Dry Creek - $290/ton
Dry Creek Super - $325/ton
Easy Heat - $270/ton
Greene Team Platinum - $350/ton
Vermont Softwood - $320/ton
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I paid $279/ton for Lignetics NE Blend at home depot in West Lebanon, NH about a month ago. Picked up one ton ourselves without delivery. So far they've been running great.
I just paid $289 for Dry Creek in Watertown, NY. Plus $15 for them to deliver to my driveway. That $15 was better than me hooking up trailer and making a 30 mile round trip. Fortunately I have a skid steer with forks so moving them around at home is easy.
This is my second ton. So far they seem like very good pellets.