Classic Bay 1200i Smart thermostat

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New Member
Feb 13, 2021
bishop, ca
Got a CB 1200 insert that I want to pair with a smart thermostat. My main two requirements are 1) wifi connected so I can control it remotely (programmable 7day wont work as its used very randomly). 2) have the ability to have a wireless temperature sensor (important because my current thermostat is right next to the stove and I really need a sensor in another room to be able to get it warm enough in there).

Given these, I was planning on going with a Nest E w/ the remote sensor - it seems like it would do everything I want. But I was discouraged after reading about wiring issues. AFAIK the stove is just a 2 wire millivolt on/off type system (I know some have done some modifications to wire up a nest to also control the 3-level rocker switch but for now let's just assume I'll adjust that manually and for most times it will just be in the lowest position).

The nest however is going to need power - as far as I can tell, if I simply hook up this kit 24vac relay kit it should both power the nest and allow it to use a relay to turn the stove on/off. I think this should work - the only issue I can think of is that the thermostat would no longer work in a power outage (but it needs power anyways so not really a problem - if I get a UPS I'll just plug both the stove and 24vac transformer into it).

Anything I'm missing or other thermostat suggestions that do what I'm wanting to here? Thanks!
not sure if you figured it out yet but i run my pellet of the set up the same way you suggest, i use a 24v power supply to a relay and it works great with a google nest