Installing Digital Thermostat Cat Probe in VC Encore 2040 (2012 UK Model)

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New Member
Nov 13, 2022
United Kingdom
Hello from the UK!

As per the recommendations in the VC owners thread, I'm looking to install a digital CAT probe in my 2012 VC Encore 2040.

The 2012 user manual doesn't provide any details on this, I've only been able to find references in newer manuals. Is installing a CAT probe in this stove build possible? I suspect so as I believe I've located the hold plug (see uploaded attachment).

I was wondering once the probe has been inserted, what stops smoke leaking out from the back of the stove (I assume the probe isn't a 100% airtight fit), perhaps the official mounting bracket prevents this?

In terms of choosing a digital probe, I see that the Auber AT100 is highly recommended on this forum. It appears to be an American product which makes the shipping / import duty costs pretty daunting (so far I've only been able to find on the official auberins website). Is there a similar product I can obtain in the UK?

Thanks in advance!

Installing Digital Thermostat Cat Probe in VC Encore 2040 (2012 UK Model)
On my older Encore I removed that small metal plug and inserted the probe through there. I bought the thermocouple from Auber and used my digital temperature meter that I already had. When I bought the thermocouple I ordered it with a mini plug which plugs right into my meter.
On the the Encore 2040 I had around three or four years ago I just put the Auber where the factory cat probe went. Believe I may have had to enlarge the hole some with a drill as the Auber probe diameter was slightly larger than the factory probe. Also fabricated a sheet metal bracket to fasten to the heat shield to hold it in place.