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  1. F

    Installing Digital Thermostat Cat Probe in VC Encore 2040 (2012 UK Model)

    Hello from the UK! As per the recommendations in the VC owners thread, I'm looking to install a digital CAT probe in my 2012 VC Encore 2040. The 2012 user manual doesn't provide any details on this, I've only been able to find references in newer manuals. Is installing a CAT probe in this...
  2. t0asty

    Help with VC Encore Cat Probe/Thermometer

    Just picked up a brand new VC Encore 2040 CAT-C (replaced an old VC Defiant 1975 non-cat). (My first EPA stove which I was 50/50 on to begin with but that's another story... ) I have read the install manual and operational manual front and back and I am a little disappointed in the lack of...
  3. R

    Brand new Vermont Castings Defiant 1975-CAT-C

    I had a VC Defiant Professionally installed brand new Fall 2021. Brick chimney 35' with new 6" liner. Previously used with Drolet non cat, one year, and VC Defiant from 1980, rebuilt, used one year, still leaked so abandoned for new. Waited 6 months for unit to be built. Super excited to buy a...
  4. stoveliker

    can I engage cat when burn time won't last the night?

    Hi all, new member - meaning lots to learn here :) I bought a home with a Dutchwest FA224CCL (or 264; both listed on the label), from '82 or '83. It still runs well, with the stovepipe around 350 F, the door at 475 F, and the cat around 1000 F. But loading it up with dry maple at 10:30 pm...
  5. C

    Rebuilding Refractory Chamber?

    Howdy, I've been reading how some refractory chambers have to be rebuilt. They get damaged and won't seal around the combustor. Or squirrels ate it. I understand they are expensive to replace. I don't understand why they cannot be rebuilt, or built from scratch, using hi temp fiber board...
  6. O

    New hearthstone line. Green mountain cat

    See pic I guess the soapstone is inside?
  7. Chamel

    Blaze King Sirroco 30 Overfires when thermostate is above med/high.

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me here. I just bought a sirocco 30 this year and have been trying to learn how to use it the past few weeks. It's awesome getting 24 hour burns with even heat. But I have a few problems. I know your supposed to burn your fuel on high for 20 or 30 minutes to...
  8. Kosmonauts

    Where is my catalytic combustor?

    Hey, Have a vermont castings intrepid 2 model 1308 (half glass doors), and i know that it is a cat stove but I have no idea where the cat is and don't really know how it works. Just purchased this stove and cleaned it and replaced all the gaskets and made it air tight, however, I am unsure...