Rebuilding Refractory Chamber?

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Nov 6, 2018
New Hampshire

I've been reading how some refractory chambers have to be rebuilt. They get damaged and won't seal around the combustor. Or squirrels ate it. I understand they are expensive to replace. I don't understand why they cannot be rebuilt, or built from scratch, using hi temp fiber board.

That's what these appear to be made from, right? Looks like I have 1/2 ceramic fiber board in my Jotul.

Kaowool is rated to 3000°F. I have a place that sells it locally.

So, my question is. If I ever need to replace the refractory chamber does it make sense to rebuild it?

Has anyone done that?

Thank you,

Some people have done temporary repairs to get them through the season. It depends on where the break is and the extent of degradation. At the end of life the refractory can be very fragile which doesn't provide a good foundation to build new upon.

I agree with that. What I really mean is these are not complicated shapes. Do folks just make them from scratch?

It seems pretty easy. However, I've gotten into LOTS of trouble with that line of reasoning.

I'm weighing the option of $700 for a refractory vs ~$250 for fiber board and an afternoon in the shop.

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If you go down this route, please document very well! That sort of project can benefit so many others...
Its 3/4 inch for some of it. I have been thinking about redesigning it a bit. I bought a new one since my old one was destroyed by the condor catalyst with the gasket they like to add.

I have the old one out and been looking it over to see if there is some way to design it to handle a larger Catalyst. The design is a little different but so from what I can see, it wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world to rebuild the old one I have or even design a whole new one.
I milled down skamol panels to make a refractory box for a VC Encore I was tinkering with. It didn’t work out, it could handle the heat I was sure, it wouldn’t expand though. It failed very quickly.
Guessing this is for a firelight 12.

Found some previous threads on this, most have given up and just bought a new stove, but I have included some threads where the stove was rebuilt using factory parts, could not find a rebuild using anything else.

Rebuild a Jotul Firelight 12 or replace Englander NC-30 or ?
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How to remove catalyst chamber from Jotul Firelight 12?

Already rebuilt the stove since the condor cat destroyed the inner back plate, the rear burn plate, the catalyst door and refractory. Even found a good catalyst for it although it seems to get dirty easy and needs to cleaned more often. Can handle the heat and abuse and still run cooler so that is a big plus.