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    For Sale Condar Catalytic Converter CC-251 for VC Intrepid II and others

    We are moving and I uncovered a new (unused) in original box with receipt Condar CC-251. Would love to find a good home for it. $50 with free shipping in continental US.
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    BK Ashford 30 cat question

    Hello all, I throw the cat when the needle point to active. But that is sometimes when there is a new load of wood (and when I haven't been home, or haven't been paying attention, sometimes cold wood). Question: Is it ok to have the converter running with a big load of new wood? Seems it is...
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    Rebuilding Refractory Chamber?

    Howdy, I've been reading how some refractory chambers have to be rebuilt. They get damaged and won't seal around the combustor. Or squirrels ate it. I understand they are expensive to replace. I don't understand why they cannot be rebuilt, or built from scratch, using hi temp fiber board...
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    Catalytic wood boiler

    Hey all, long time reader first time poster here. I've been searching for info on a catalytic wood boiler that can burn long and low like a catalytic stand alone stove, but can't seem to find anything. Does this exist, and if not, why? It seems like it would be a great way to avoid needing...
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    Regency CI6000 vs Blaze King Princess Insert

    Hi All, I'm going to buy one of those but i need to figure out what is the best. I'm interested in: Long burn time Capability to warm all my apartment (single floor (160 sq mt) insert in the living room, hope it will be able to spread the warm into the bedrooms, only a single door from living...
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    Getting Catalytic Burn

    Hi Everyone, Could use input on what I might be doing wrong with my Vermont Castings Intrepid II. I'm still new to burning with this stove that came with a house I bought. I did read the manual and FAQ on this site. I got a fire going with the damper open and brought it up to 450 degrees...
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    BK Ashford: the limits on leaving the cat open (by mistake)

    I wonder whether someone can reassure me about inadvertently leaving the cat open after the needle gets into the active range on my Blaze King Ashford 30. The anxiety is dampening my pleasure in my still fairly new beautiful and congenial stove. Could someone reassure me -- or lecture me?, or...
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    Buck 91 cat was on fire. What happened?

    Hello, I was burning my Buck 91 stove today and had just reloaded over coals putting in some splits. A while later, I saw no fire in the box, but a glow coming from the cat I've never seen before then. I observed more carefully, and noted a fire up above the firebox. I opened the bypass, and a...
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    Catalytic converter substitute?

    I have a friend’s old Vermont Castings Encore 2550 with the catalytic converter design. He burned some semi-moist wood and cracked the Cat (a second time), so he decided to get a new stove without one. Before he set it outside in the weather, the Cat was removed and discarded. 3-4 years later...
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    closing the cat "late" on Ashford 30

    hello folk. I'm new. I am very glad to have found this group and have benefitted a lot already, just lurking. Now I've joined and I have a question for you all. I am very happy with my newish (it'll be a year this coming February) Blaze King Ashford 30. The one thing that keeps...