Lopi Large Flush Insert Temp Probe

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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
New England
I had the Lopi Large Flush Hybrid Wood insert installed last year. It works great! Great investment! I’ve been burning hickory that I cut and split 1.5yrs ago. Moisture meter says it’s good to go . Once the fire is established, the cat engages as it should, glows red however the temperature probe is only reading 108° (F). I double checked that it was on F° and not C°. Does that seem low?? Was the probe not hooked up correctly when it was installed? I bought a magnet thermometer to put on the face of the stove and that reads between 400° and 500°. Any ideas??
I have the medium version of this unit, so not sure if what I am about to say is different on the large model. But, can you see if the probe is inserted down into where the cat sits? I can see mine through the face back on the top of where the air convects through out the top, with the wire coming out of it. That said, even if the cat was not inserted properly the temp would read something higher than 108 when the stove is running. Are the two contacts of the thermocouple firmly inserted into the bottom of the display unit? My display reads up to 1000 degrees+ when the stove is running.