Lopi - Large Flush Wood NexGen-Hybrid - Opinions pls

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New Member
Sep 11, 2023
When I first found this forum, we intended to use the older wood stove here and get a liner put in. After talking to a couple of installers, we are changing directions and looking for a wood insert that gets the EPA rebate.

The house was built in 1960; the aesthetic hasn't been updated (in all the good and bad ways). We've been looking at wood inserts with a clean/minimalist/simple look that would not be out of place.

Spent the full day driving around to different shops, sall Regency, Blazeking, Osborn, Lopi, Kuma, and Heartstone. I had looked at everything online beforehand. I really like the look of the Lopi - Large Flush Wood NexGen-Hybrid. It is 77.8% HHV, and the "new hybride" version has a catalytic converter, the sales guy said the other Large Flush Wood NexGen that is not the Hybrid is getting phazed out and the only ones being sold are those in stock at stores.

Two questions
  • Overall thoughts on this unit and Lopi? Below are the two face plate options we liked best.
  • Below is a price quote we got, this does not include installation. Thoughts on the price, is this fair for this unit?


Master of Fire
Sep 2, 2008
Looks about right. I would ask that they wrap the liner with insulation, and add a block off plate at the top of the firebox. Expect it to cost more though. It will make the whole setup more efficient.