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  1. Y

    Lopi Evergreen: old vs new hybrid model

    Dear Community! A seller from our local store says they have couple of older discontinued Evergreen models that don't have that catalytic converter, but only those re-burn pipes. I have heard that catalytic converter might be a pain to maintain. And I saw couple of posts here where people...
  2. Y

    VC Montpelier II vs Lopi Evergreen vs Lopi Flush Wood for 2.2k sq ft home

    Dear community! We recently moved to our very first house (in MA) and faced huge bills for that oil fired boiler. So we decided to use our fireplace and put in an insert wood stove to save on that heating bill. In fact we've almost been talked into install in a propane one, but after evaluating...
  3. P

    Stove selection experiences (Lopi vs Jotul)

    New member, but long time lurker. I’m in the process of selecting a new stove to replace a 15yo Hearthstone Bennington. The stove has started to leak in a couple spots and I was unable to disassemble to replace gaskets. Love the looks and performance, but disappointed by the failure. The stove...
  4. crobinson.crane

    Advice between Quad 5700 or Lopi Liberty / Endeavor Hybrid

    Hello! After growing up using a wood stove at home, I really don't know too much and need some help here. I'm an owner builder of a new home construction (subbing out HVAC) and am trying to decide what stove to place in my basement. The house is about 2,300 SF each level, heated primarily with...
  5. N

    Need advice for sustained secondary burn in Lopi insert

    Background: I got a new Lopi large wood insert early last spring. We used it for about 5 weeks, and have just restarted use this fall. I've tried really hard to figure out how to get the secondary burn that I see in so many videos (like I'm looking at a gas burner from below), but just can't get...
  6. W

    Fixing/Maintaining Lopi Freedom Bay

    Hi, all! First post here. A few years ago, we moved into a home that was previously owned by a big wood burning stove aficionado. We have a forced air furnace, and do not rely on the stove for primary heat. However, we have a ton of seasoned wood, as we live against some forest (I split and...
  7. T

    Lopi Evergreen

    Hello, This past weekend I put money down to hold a Lopi Evergreen Stove, as they had a couple non-hybrid models left in stock. I've never owned a wood stove before. I've done quite a bit of reading on here and research. I'm starting to wonder if I should go with the Endeavor, due to it...
  8. R

    Lopi found on Craigslist

    I see a used Lopi wood stove on Craigslist. I’ve never bought a used stove, so I really don’t know what to look for as far as red flags. I’m looking at a Lopi because it can vent out the back, which we need for our space. For anyone who knows wood stoves, if you wouldn’t mind, can you look at...
  9. N

    Lopi Evergreen vs Hearthstone Clydesdale for wood insert install

    Hi there! I am trying to decide between a Lopi Evergreen and Hearthstone Clydesdale. I am currently in NE ohio and house is a little less than 2000 sq ft. It has 2 levels (ground and basement). I currently heat my house primarily off of oil and would like to use the wood insert as my primary...
  10. billglick

    Adding a Flue Collar

    I have an older Lopi fireplace insert that I’m wanting to install in my shop as a free standing wood stove. My problem is there is no flue collar on this insert, and instead an 8” hole going into the fire box. Do I need to fabricate my own flue collar? Any tips on building one? Or is there a...
  11. tayreed

    Air Wash Warp Affect Stove Performance?

    A couple years ago, we purchased a 2021 Lopi Answer (1.5 sq foot firebox) to heat our 1,200 sq foot 100 year-old farmhouse in Northern Michigan. I'll say right away that it's undersized for our home. After we purchased it and had it installed, we had a lot of problems with down drafting. At...
  12. T

    Lopi Insert Not Putting Off Heat?

    Hi all! My husband and I are relatively new to burning (this is our second year) and we love it! Nothing beats wood heat! However, my mom bought a new home a few months ago and got a new Lopi Next Gen Fyre insert (medium ). The issue is that it’s really struggling to put off any heat. She’s...
  13. W

    Lopi Evergreen Insert Baffle Cap Falling

    As the title states, I had the Lopi Evergreen Insert installed this fall. The baffle cap has fallen a handful of times, and the installer keeps coming back out to "fix" it. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  14. Bluey

    Keep existing small unit or upgrade?

    Hi All, First time poster, lurking for a while. I’m in southern Illinois. Last year, we moved into a house with a large, open great room (20 ft x 25 ft x 25 ft vaulted ceilings) that has a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Shortly after moving in, my neighbor offered his Kuma aspen insert for free...
  15. MapleMountain

    Lopi vs Esse? Xtrordinair insert? Going crazy trying to decide!

    My husband and I are building a new log house, and they want our fireplace/stove choices asap. Any advice will be so appreciated. We are trying to pick a small, single stack stove to cook on (he wants to make steak in it, I just want to warm water or cook eggs if electricity is out). It will be...
  16. wildbroncgirl

    Lopi Deerfield just installed. Smoke and smoke smell throughout house. Restrictor adjustment??

    I have had some experiences with pellet stoves... some old stove - not sure of brand - in Montana. The kind you use fire gel to start. And even then the sad old thing wouldn't like to start. However it worked and kept us warm and no smoke inside and hardly any dust. And then a Quadrafire...
  17. U

    Lopi large flush insert question on fire bricks

    Hi guys, I recently purchased and had installed a Lopi Large flush insert Next gen unit. I live in an older brick English Tudor built in 1927 in New Jersey so insulation is poor at best and winters can be pretty rough. can be a bear to heat this house but this insert has definitely allowed me...
  18. DoAll

    New Lopi Deerfield Pellet Stove pop fuse after about 5 bags of pellets.

    We installed the Lopi Deerfield stove back in October to replace a 10-year Astoria. Last year we install radian floor heat. The 2 work well together has a combo. Until tonight when the Deerfield pop the fuse. We normally run the stove an hour takes the chill out of the room in the morning...
  19. S

    Newbie needs a new stove...

    Hello and thanks for your input and advice. I intend to upgrade from an old 1977 Vermont Castings Vigilant. It would be nice to use the 26% tax credit with an approved new wood stove purchase and install. Current stove is a Vermont Castings 1977 Vigilant. It uses lots of wood and is not...
  20. Eliza and mica

    Buy new economy or used Lopi?

    Hi folks! We’ve been learning a lot and appreciating all the info and opinions shared here as we get ready to install a wood stove in our manufactured 1,700 sqft home as our sole source of heat. After much research and deliberation, we have landed upon purchasing either a used lopi endeavor...
  21. G

    Lopi Fireplace Insert — insulation

    Hey all, new to the forum today, long time reader. I just had installed a Lopi medium flush insert, a stove with the “convection chamber” or “air jacket” (i.e. a metal jacket around the actual insert with a gap for air to flow thru with a blower). I was wondering if I could insulate around...
  22. M

    Lopi fireplace insert -wood or gas???

    We just moved into an older home with what I think is a Lopi fireplace insert. I don't know anything about them. I "think" it's gas since it had a dial and plug but really have no idea. I went to the Lopi website to see if I could find a user manual but no luck there. Can anyone help me out...
  23. M

    Help Identifying Lopi Stove Please

    Hi, New to the forum and looking at picking up my first wood stove. I found it for free on craigslist and am wondering what model/year it is. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  24. J

    Insert with cooking capabilities - Lopi Answer?

    Greetings, Our home is just shy of 1300 square feet and we have an existing masonry fireplace that we would like to upgrade. Under normal circumstances, we plan to use a woodstove for supplemental heat. However, with power outages, we would like to the option of being able to heat and cook on...
  25. haydensa1986

    Lopi Liberty 2020 issues

    I have just had a new Lopi Liberty 2020 installed. When it was first run, I think it ran too hot as the air pipe and baffles on the top of the firebox were glowing orange. When the fire cooled and I had a chance to inspect it, it looked like some of the paint/coating has been burned off the air...
  26. W

    Lopi Large Flush Insert Temp Probe

    I had the Lopi Large Flush Hybrid Wood insert installed last year. It works great! Great investment! I’ve been burning hickory that I cut and split 1.5yrs ago. Moisture meter says it’s good to go . Once the fire is established, the cat engages as it should, glows red however the temperature...
  27. R

    Damper lubrication

    Hello helpful people. I recently installed a 2003 Lopi Liberty Woodstove. The damper on the bottom of the stove is difficult to move in and out. Is there some adjustment or lubrication I can give it so that it works more smoothly?
  28. IzzyW

    Jotul vs Lopi vs Valor vs ??

    We are looking to replace our old wood-burning stove (it came with the house we bought last year) with a new gas stove. But, admittedly, we are flying blind in this search. Shopping for a gas stove seems unlike any other purchase process I can recall. I can’t find reviews, have to go through...
  29. DonnaK

    1992 Lopi Answer

    We are considering purchasing a Lopi Answer built in 1992 for our 400sqft yurt and are wondering if anyone has any advice about this stove. It has blowers, but there's no electricity in the yurt, so we would operate the stove without the blowers. Thanks!
  30. Jimmylookee

    Lopi Evergreen vs Quadra fire 31 millennium / WS22

    Heya folks. I'm based in Tasmania Australia and looking at 2 north American style wood heaters. They are both outside air setup as it's a new build house. House size is 16 squares but we have high vaulted ceilings and a tonne of windows, so looking for a fire that does 25squares and up. It's a...