Lopi vs Esse? Xtrordinair insert? Going crazy trying to decide!

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Mar 28, 2022
My husband and I are building a new log house, and they want our fireplace/stove choices asap. Any advice will be so appreciated.

We are trying to pick a small, single stack stove to cook on (he wants to make steak in it, I just want to warm water or cook eggs if electricity is out). It will be in a small, enclosed kitchen. Less heat is better, because we will have a fireplace as well and I hate sweating in the kitchen. I like the Esse Bakeheart, he likes the Lopi Endeavor. Tell me I'm right ;)
Or any other ideas? It will be partially set into the chimney, but will be sticking out about halfway into the kitchen.

Also, we want an efficient fireplace that will heat the house without drawing in cold air or getting a backdraft. A local dealer told us the Xtrordinair 44 Elite checks those boxes, but according to these forums, it uses a good amount of wood. Would anyone recommend something better?

We aren't rich, but this will be our forever home and I want quality wood burners that will last.

I know this gets discussed a lot, I've searched the forums, but I've reached a state of paralysis and I would really appreciate any validation you all can offer. Somehow we can't seem to figure it out ourselves.
We are on our 8th season with a Fireplace X 36 Elite. We installed it new when we moved into our current house to replace a cheap contractor fireplace. I contemplated the 44 Elite but am very happy we went with the smaller 36. We run it almost daily 6-7 months out of the year and it has been problem free. We have 20' ceilings in a 1000 sq foot open great room/kitchen and with the ceiling fans running it keeps everything toasty. We go thru about 5 full cords of wood every year. It has some quirks and things I would change, but I would still highly recommend this unit.
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