Lopi Answer-NT / info

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New Member
Feb 19, 2024
Milford, Mi
Good morning,

I just picked up a Lopi Answer NT built in 2009 for $300. We currently have a Lopi Freedom in our basement, and we’ve been very happy with it. We plan on moving the basement Lopi to the first floor, and installing the smaller Answer in the basement fireplace.

It seems very solidly built, and we can do metalwork so block off plate and front bezel we will make ourselves along with installing a full liner.

Travis industries website lists the Answer NT being built to 2004, but this stove has a date of 2009. Does anybody know if there’s any difference between a 2004 and 2009 model?

Lopi Answer-NT / info
I don't recall any big change then. FWIW, I have a 2007 manual in which the Answer is listed as the model ND.
The difference is subtle. Comparing the two it looks like the NT is a bit cleaner burning than the ND. The ND manual shows an additional 9" x 2.5" baffle brick.

Lopi Answer-NT / info Lopi Answer-NT / info
I see, so the firebox is a hair bigger on yours.

Do you have an Answer installed? What are your thoughts on performance?
I'm not sure about that. Th firebrick baffle might just overhang the side bricks a little more. Whatever the difference is, it's subtle. They are both 1.6 cu ft stoves. The floor and wall firebricks are the same in either models. According to the parts lists, the tubes are the same for both too.