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  1. IzzyW

    Jotul vs Lopi vs Valor vs ??

    We are looking to replace our old wood-burning stove (it came with the house we bought last year) with a new gas stove. But, admittedly, we are flying blind in this search. Shopping for a gas stove seems unlike any other purchase process I can recall. I can’t find reviews, have to go through...
  2. DonnaK

    1992 Lopi Answer

    We are considering purchasing a Lopi Answer built in 1992 for our 400sqft yurt and are wondering if anyone has any advice about this stove. It has blowers, but there's no electricity in the yurt, so we would operate the stove without the blowers. Thanks!
  3. Jimmylookee

    Lopi Evergreen vs Quadra fire 31 millennium / WS22

    Heya folks. I'm based in Tasmania Australia and looking at 2 north American style wood heaters. They are both outside air setup as it's a new build house. House size is 16 squares but we have high vaulted ceilings and a tonne of windows, so looking for a fire that does 25squares and up. It's a...
  4. G

    Need advice from Lopi AGP owners

    Hi Everyone, I'm going to see a Lopi AGP freestanding stove early next week, as a potential first pellet stove purchase, for installation over the summer and use as of next fall. It seems in good condition, and the seller says it is fully functional. It comes with the interior stove pipe...
  5. M

    Lopi Insert Liner Boot Part?

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I recently purchased a Lopi wood burning insert. Everything seems to be in good shape but I need some sort of boot that allows the damper to operate but “seals” the liner to the insert. Can anyone point me in the right direction? By my own research I think my Lopi is...
  6. A

    Honeywell WiFi thermostat won’t turn on Lopi pellet stove

    We connected the Honeywell WiFi thermostat with a VIIVRIA 24 V transformer, C wire adapter, to our Lopi AGP pellet stove. The thermostat will work to keep the stove on until it reaches the set temp, and will put the stove in cool down and off, but the stove won’t turn back on when temps drop...
  7. U

    Air gap wall/heat shield wall Lopi 1750

    My Lopi 1750 is on the way. i had to take out my old hearth pad and stone that was on the wall and put down some tiles etc. I was about to fix up the wall where the wall stone used to be and found brittle drywall. I’ll be replacing the bad area, but I’m pretty freaked out by what I found. It...
  8. G

    Lopi Yankee Bay insert thermostat

    I saw a posting for the Lopi Pioneer Bay that said an off the shelf thermostat could be used. Is this true for the Yankee Bay as well? I don't see how that would be connected, as there are just the 2 connections for wires on the stove. How does one connect a commercial thermostat to the...
  9. K

    Switch from Non-EPA Wood Insert to EPA Lopi Insert Worth It?

    I'm renting a single-story ranch home with a 1983 wood insert which slammer install (no chimney liner). It is a non-EPA stove. I may purchase a 2000 Lopi Freedom Bay insert for $100, and it has a blower. It appears in good condition. I plan to buy some second-hand chimney liner and line the...
  10. T

    Lopi 1750i Insert Rising temps on secondary burn

    Hey guys! Brand new here (to the forum and to wood stoves). I have a brand new 1750i (going on about 2-3 months with at least 1.5 months of consistent use/fire) that I am trying to learn. Here's a basic scenario that I have concerns on, that I wanted some experienced users advise on: I get a...
  11. L

    Lopi Cape Cod Insert - Flames past the bypass slider?

    I had a Lopi Cape Cod Insert installed 1 year ago and have noticed since that time that flames can be seen through the breastplate of the stove, licking up past the bypass slider when the stove is heating up and the air is kept high. Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal? It has me...
  12. N

    Lopi Liberty vs quadrafire adventure II??

    I’ve read a lot of threads on here and can’t find much on the quadrafire adventure 2 vs the Lopi Liberty. We are attempting to decide between the two shortly! If you have any personal experience with either stove please speak up. We are placing the stove in our daylight basement that is 1200sq...
  13. Garraty47

    Replacing old Franklin with Hampton H300 vs Lopi Rockport vs Jotul F400

    Hi all, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I’d like to thank everyone on this forum for sharing your insights and experience with the community. This site has provided a lot of information, education, and inspiration. I would appreciate hearing your opinions about these three stoves as...
  14. A

    Lopi AGP Troubleshooting Question

    Just moves into a new house with a Lopi AGP pellet stove hooked up in the corner. Home was a flip and seller was up front that he had 0 clue if it worked. Downloaded owners manual and troubleshooting guide prior to attempted startup and am looking for some direction on what could be wrong. 1...
  15. cbscout

    Lopi Wood Inserts and Fans

    Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on the quality of the Lopi wood insert? Considering the size of my house (1200 sq ft) I am considering the Revere. In addition, how loud are the Lopi fans? In any insert that you buy, are there ways to quiet the fans or get third party ones that are...
  16. L

    Enviro m55 vs Lopi AGP pellet inserts

    please help. I’m not sure what pellet stove to buy, either the m55 or Lopi AGP. The store near me said the AGP is a better unit by far, but the M55 is more my style. Any ideas or alternatives? Thank you
  17. L

    LOPI Endevor 380-NT for sale

    Hi, We recently bought a new house and it came with a 1995 LOPI Endevor 380-NT wood burning stove that we don't use. I'm curious how much I can realistically get for it. I don't know anything about it, including whether or not it works, or needs parts. Could anyone chime in with advice...
  18. Mike N' Maine

    Looking for Wood Insert opinions

    I've been reading the heck out of this forum for 4-6 weeks now. I've decided on a wood insert for my existing fireplace. (37W x 26.75H x 30D) I'm having my 25ft chimney repointed at top, new cap and 6" insulated Stainless flue installed. It's a end of house, exterior chimney. We are in a 70's...
  19. Y

    Should I upgrade to Lopi 1750

    hi! I ended up getting the 1250i Lopi. We heat it up in our 1100 sq foot home. We can only get it up to 71 degrees though in the house while the rooms still not super hot. I was hoping for 80! Is this because we are not packing enough wood in? I mean I fit up to 3-4 logs at a time and seems...
  20. J

    Yankee Bay / Lopi Combustion Blower - Should it spin freely?

    Hi - I'm troubleshooting an issue with my yankee bay pellet insert. I've been trying to track down a "knocking" sound with the unit. I took it apart tonight and cleaned the combustion blower and noticed the the blades do not spin freely when spinning it with my hand. Is this normal? I assumed...
  21. Jhawknseattle

    New stove gasket problem?

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and new to pellet stoves in general but have visited this site alot while researching what to get. I ultimately decided to go with the Lopi Deerfield. I do have a question however. Upon doing my second weekly cleaning I discovered a pretty big fray in the gasket...
  22. M

    Lopi Berkshire stove

    The blower on my Lopi Berkshire stove (part #99000153) is not working properly. It turns of for a couple minutes at a time and then shuts off for ~ 5 minutes before coming back on again for a couple of minutes. It used to just keep blowing until we turned it off. Any help is appreciated.
  23. skeenut

    Jotul Oslo or Hearthstone Heritage or...

    Begreen asked that I start a new thread to address my stove selection. We live in Northwestern Jersey. By way of background: I've heated with wood for about thirty years and was always a Vermont Castings guy. Just downsized to a 1500sf ranch with a nice open floor plan. The kitchen, dining and...
  24. W

    Lopi Flex 95 Freestanding Wood Stove

    Hello All, Would like to get some input/reviews on the older '92 Lopi Flex 95 freestanding model. Looking to purchase one on Craigslist and can't seem to find any information out there.
  25. ToastyMarshmellows

    LOPI x96 - Lookin to purchase Front Fan

    New question regarding Lopi x96 replacement front fan. Any suggestions on where I could pick one up for decent price? I don't have the front mesh cover either, so will need to full assembly. I've attached a picture of what I'm looking for: I've done some searching on the internet, but having...
  26. Y

    Lopi versus Jotul for a used gas stove?

    Hi all! I just actually signed up to this forum, but I've been reading it obsessively for the past month! To introduce myself, I am a young woman who recently bought an old (1800s) rowhouse in historic Philadelphia, and I am attempting to restore it to its former glory... on a budget! :-) I'm...
  27. M

    1987 Lopi Premier Answer Series PA5 - Blower Replacement

    Hey All, I have been looking for a blower replacement for my stove and can't seem to locate one. I have done quite a few searches and browsed the forums to see what I could find. I am not having any luck. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get a replacement? Happy Heating!
  28. B

    Lopi Yankee Bay insert burning too hot?

    I have had a Lopi Yankee Bay pellet insert for several years now, and this year it seems to only blow extremely hot air regardless of setting. Is there a thermocouple that may be stuck? The insert is burning like its on MAX all the time, burning through pellets (excuse the pun). Thanks! Ben
  29. S

    Lopi Liberty - Blower question/issue

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum but have been cruising the threads for a week or so trying to get a grasp on what is happening with my stove. I purchased a new house in NH and the temps have started to drop outside. In order to prep for the winter I have started to get familiar with my stoves, a...
  30. S

    Lopi Revere Blower Question

    I’m new to wood burning and we are loving our new Lopi Revere and the blower (~15 fires so far). I’ve read many people say the blower on low is “near silent,” but mine is quite loud. There isn’t a rattle or any other sound to indicate the fan is broken, it just sounds like a really loud fan...