Jotul vs Lopi vs Valor vs ??

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Nov 13, 2020
Media, PA
We are looking to replace our old wood-burning stove (it came with the house we bought last year) with a new gas stove. But, admittedly, we are flying blind in this search. Shopping for a gas stove seems unlike any other purchase process I can recall. I can’t find reviews, have to go through specific dealers, etc. Just a bit confused.

While our house is 200+ years old, the room our stove sits in is a relatively new addition and has a retro mid-century modern vibe. So with that look in mind the three units we are currently looking at are:

Jotul GF 305

Valor Madrona Modern Black

Lopi Cypress Bay Window

Does anyone have any insight on how these three compare? Pluses or minuses? Things we should be aware of or on the lookout for?

We’re not really sure how to compare them other than looks. And the brand names are unfortunately meaningless to us. It’s a whole new world.

Any advice for some novice shoppers? We’ll also take suggestions beyond the units listed above.

Thank you!
I would stay away from The Valor.
I highly dislike the remote and gas control system they use. User-unfriendly, very noisy, and prone to control board going bad.
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^What he said.
We put in a Valor Legend G3 to replace a damaged zero clearance wood burner in the rental we are in while we rebuild our destroyed house. It's okay, but we mainly picked it for the relatively low cost, I would not pick it for my own (permanent) house. The Valor remote system is finicky and prone to losing the connection between the FP and handheld. One local wood/gas FP dealer dropped the Valor line as the units needed too many repairs. The gas FP has been convenient, but once we get back to Paradise, it's back to wood heating. I realize a zero clearance unit is not the same as a free-standing unit, but the mechanical parts may be similar.